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Over 1/3 of consumers say the ability to book a reservation or order online sets the restaurant apart from it’s competitors, and over a quarter of consumers expect a restaurant to allow them to book reservations or order online, according to a recent report by Yodle. Why action buttons matter to your restaurant

  • New Customer Acquisition

Empowering your customers with the ability to book a reservation with the click of a button is essential in getting the most customers in the door; over 93% of consumers research a restaurant online before visiting it. When a consumer is able to book a reservation directly from your website, not only is it easier and more convenient for them, they’re also making a set plan to visit your restaurant – and purchase from you. Providing consumers with a seamless experience online and making it easy for them to dine at your restaurant increases the likelihood they will return to your restaurant in the future, which ultimately increases your restaurant’s sales and creates a loyal customer base.

  • Extend customer service to 24 hours a day

Say goodbye to frustrated customers: action buttons extend your restaurant’s customer service to 24 hours a day. Action buttons enable customers to book reservations or place orders online any time of the day, any day of the week. By lifting the limitations off customer access to your business, the potential for your business to increase sales and satisfy customers is limitless.

  • Increase your reservations and drive revenue

SinglePlatform businesses with verified menus and action buttons to place orders or book reservations online receive 73% more actions than businesses without verified menus. Not only did the service draw more customers, they also saw order values 76% higher in revenue compared to unverified listings.

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, diners crave instant gratification; by incorporating action buttons that allow your customers to place orders and book reservations within seconds, you unleash the possibilities for your customers’ satisfaction and your business’ success.

To learn more about the SinglePlatform and OpenTable partnership and how it makes booking reservations even easier, click here.

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