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eGuide: Making the Case for Mobile

73% of mobile searches trigger additional actions, such as a visit to your website, sharing information with friends, visiting a store and making a purchase.  What does the increased use of mobile mean for your business? Check out SinglePlatform’s eGuide on reaching new customers through... Read More


INFOGRAPHIC: Taking control of your restaurant’s information online

93% of customers visiting a business for the first time will research it before they ever get through the door. With that research happening on-the-go and online, accurate and up-to-date information is crucial. Check out SinglePlatform’s latest infographic to learn: What diners are searching for... Read More

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Take Back Control of Your Online Presence

Keeping listings current and consistent across multiple sites is the challenge for restaurant chains Those of us of a certain age remember looking for a restaurant of a particular cuisine in the Yellow Pages –that county-wide, annually-produced brick of print. Today, while phone companies still... Read More

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15 key stats from the NRA’s Restaurant Industry Forecast

The National Restaurant Association has published its 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast, and the overarching theme is growth: in revenue, local & healthy food trends, employment and the use of technology in the industry. Here are 15 key takeaways in four categories: Dollars and cents 2015... Read More

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Is Google cracking down on sites that arent mobile-friendly?

Google is not out to get your website. They are, however, out to improve user experience for their – and your – visitors.   It’s what we’ve learned over the past five years of Google’s algorithm changes: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon. We could start a... Read More

Networking for Scale

Networking to Scale Your Business

The prospect of networking for your small business may fill you with joy, dread, terror, or some other strong emotion. Whatever your feelings about networking, if you want to scale your business, getting out there and meeting industry professionals is a must. Here’s a rundown... Read More

Processes for a Scaling Business

How to Establish Processes to Support Scale

One of the side effects of scaling your business is the need to create standard processes. The larger your organization becomes, the more crucial it is for your staff to adhere to set guidelines and expectations. To many entrepreneurs, the thought of codifying procedures evokes... Read More

Hiring for Scale

Staffing for Scale in Small Business

Exponential growth in sales also means exponential growth in the amount of work to be done. As you scale, it’s important to increase your staff size appropriately to keep up with customer demand. Hiring without a clear plan in place can lead to poor choices... Read More