Getting to Know: Micky Loo

With an unquenchable thirst to learn and a new software program to master, Micky Loo joined the SinglePlatform team in January of 2013. Previously a PHP Developer, his new role as a Software Engineer would require him to learn a new software programming language, a task... Read More

The Rock Shrimp Dish - Photo courtesy of Nobu Next Door

NYC Restaurant Week: Nobu Next Door

If you can find a spot in their busy reservation calendar (I recommend calling), Nobu is a don’t-miss dining experience during Restaurant Week. My previous Nobu experience was in Las Vegas (with a couple of my favorite SinglePlatformers), where we put ourselves in the chef’s... Read More

Wage hike for fast food industry

Fast food wage hike: It may impact more than just industry workers

Fast food employees and their advocates can trace their campaign for higher wages back several years, and these past few weeks appear to show their efforts are finally paying off. On July 22nd, the Fast Food Wage Board voted on three motions, all of which... Read More

Gotham Bar and Grill

NYC Restaurant Week: Gotham Bar and Grill

An Inside Sales Representative at SinglePlatform, I’ve been with the team since November of 2014. Celebrating NYC Restaurant Week, my father, sister, and I took advantage by dining at Gotham Bar and Grill; located just off Union Square, it’s nestled on 12th between 5th and University Place.  ... Read More

Presentation is Everything

Presentation is Everything

When it comes to dining (and drinking) out, visual presentation is everything. It takes 1.5 seconds for a wine label to make an impression on us. Talk about fast right? Before someone can speak two words, they will have been affected by the design of... Read More

Call your Customers to Action

Calling your Customers to Action

Over 1/3 of consumers say the ability to book a reservation or order online sets the restaurant apart from it’s competitors, and over a quarter of consumers expect a restaurant to allow them to book reservations or order online, according to a recent report by... Read More

Image courtesy of The Capital Grille

NYC Restaurant Week: The Capital Grille

First of all, I am an incredibly picky eater. My diet mirrors that of an average 4 year old, plus the occasional steak or chicken parm. That being said, I still love to dine out. To me, the desire for a “home-cooked” meal is non-existent.... Read More

Lure Fishbar - Restaurant Week

NYC Restaurant Week: Lure Fishbar SoHo

Sales Manager by day, tech nerd and foodie by night, I’ve been with SinglePlatform since June of 2014. I guess it’s pretty perfect I work for a company that brings my two hobbies together; promoting a new technology that helps restaurants reach foodies like me... Read More