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How to manage customer reviews: The good, the bad and the ugly

For the average restaurant owner, reputation is important. What customers think, write, and say about your restaurant can easily influence the decisions of other diners. Thanks to the internet, critics are not the only people talking. Between social media, food blogs and review sites, your... Read More

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Google changes local search results – again

Once again, Google has changed the way their local listings appear. In the past, when someone would make a vague search, such as, ‘Italian restaurants financial district’ or ‘Italian restaurants midtown east’, 7 options would appear. These 7 options would come up as the first... Read More

8 Local Business Marketing Tips for Success

8 Local Business Marketing Tips for Success

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business. Staffing, logistics and general daily activities can be overwhelming. It makes you think “I don’t have time for marketing.” The truth is, marketing is an imperative component that helps your business stay afloat. Keeping up with... Read More

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11 Restaurant Marketing Ideas & 6 Free Tools

Whether you’re just starting a local restaurant, or growing to your next location, you’re handling the logistics of one of the most complicated small businesses you could tackle. From distribution logistics to managing a staff, marketing can at best, feel like a challenge, and at... Read More

Owning your food in photos, like Ledlow in Los Angeles does with their burgers here, can give you a leg up on your competition.

Restaurateurs: Pay attention to food photography

Why diners are photographing their food For many, food is a form of entertainment, similar to a sporting event or a Broadway play; consumers want to share their culinary experiences and follow those of others. Today, with a quick click of a button, diners can... Read More

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Why Irish pubs need an online presence

My bar search, sans smartphone At roughly 5:00 PM yesterday, I received a text from an old college buddy I don’t see nearly enough. We’d been talking about meeting up for months now, and finally we had a night where both our calendars collided. We... Read More

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15 consumer-driven menu trends: Infographic

Diners are mobile, aware and always looking for the next big thing. How can restaurants keep up with trends and avoid fads? Check out our latest infographic to learn: What diners want now Locally sourced ingredients, more vegetarian and pescatarian options and smoky flavors are on... Read More


Diner Trends of 2015: Capture Local Search

Using technology before, during, and after a diner’s visit Whether it’s an out-of-towner searching for a fancy meal before a broadway show or an executive taking a client out to lunch between meetings, diners have a lot on their plates. Diners want what they want, when... Read More