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SinglePlatform is the industry leader in providing rich local business data. Our 500,000 menus, product and service lists, photos, hours of operation, web links, and other key information will transform your user experience at no cost to you.

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"The value proposition to the distributor is clear: one of the first things that any user who’s researching restaurants is going to look for is the food that’s on the menu. By providing that content onsite as a menu instead of linking to a restaurant’s web page, they can improve core metrics like user retention while offering a superior user experience. " - Michael Fives, StreetFightMag

    • Keep users engaged on your site with rich content.
    • Showcase local business menus, product and service lists, and more.
    • Ensure your listings reflect the most current business information.

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    • More engagement
    • Improve your core digital metrics including Time on Site, Pageviews per User, and Visits per Month.
    • Increased retention
    • Close the loop and stop users from leaving your site to find content you don’t have.
    • Better user experience
    • Enhance your viewers’ experience by providing rich content directly from local businesses.