Many of our local business customers are telling us that they are burdened by keeping up with all of their reviews. There are too many places your business may be reviewed online to keep track of on your own. As you learn what your customers want, we learn from you. 

We’re excited to introduce our newest upgrade, Review Monitoring, to make it easy for local businesses to read and respond to customer reviews.



All-in-one feed

In recent years, review sites have gained popularity - and authority - with users. With so many sites where customers are reviewing and rating your local business, how can you keep up?

With our review-monitoring tool, you can see all of your reviews from top sites and apps in one place.




Real time updates

Local business owners are busy. Between inventory and payroll, who has time to go to each individual site to look for new reviews?

With Review Monitoring from SinglePlatform, you’ll get email updates sent directly to your inbox whenever your business gets a new review.

Replying has never been easier

Keeping an eye on the feedback that your business receives on review sites is only half the battle. Replying to reviews shows customers you’re engaged and listening to their experiences.

Each review site has a different process for how business owners can reply to reviews, which can be confusing and labor-intensive. With our tool, you can click to reply from our platform, saving you time with a streamlined process.




Overall rating

Between Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Google and all the other places that your customers write reviews, it’s hard to get a sense of your overall online reputation. The overall rating in our review-monitoring tool gives you an average score that takes into account all of your ratings across top review sites.

Take control of your online reputation today