Saving time with SinglePlatform

Through years of expansion, managing the media presence became a much bigger task, “We were manually trying to track down what was wrong with our spa listings. We would find old addresses or out of date times for our Hours of Operations; it was a tedious process that only became more so with the addition of more locations."

Fortunately, Katie was contacted by SinglePlatform and instantly saw the value in what we have to offer, “After having SinglePlatform go through and weed out all of the bad information and streamline our online presence, I can breathe a sigh of relief. SinglePlatform saves me 15 hours of work on a monthly basis.”

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Katie’s trust in SinglePlatform was not misplaced. When asked about her experience, she said, “SinglePlatform actually works. We have so many people approach us and try to sell their product by talking about what they will do for us. So often, it just doesn’t happen. To have SinglePlatform come in and say this is what we can do and actually follow through with very little work on my end was surprising, to say the least. There was no catch. SinglePlatform is life-changing.”