Creating a strong online presence has become a fundamental process when it comes to a business’s success.  As a small business, taking the basic steps of creating a website, setting up social feeds and making generic listings is simply not enough.  When consumers look for a local business online, they already know what they want, they just now need to find someone who offers what they are looking for.  So how can a business further that discover and take control of their online image? 

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Claim your Listings

49% of searches for a local business are done without a specific business in mind.  So what makes one business different from another?

Claiming you listings will allow you to display and control the information customers see when they search online.  


Maximize Content

Maximizing the content displayed on your listings makes it that much easier for a customer to make a decision.  Adding photos, business offerings or external website links can help influence a consumer’s decision.  Reviews also have a direct impact on a business’s search ranking.  Having a low review rating can negatively impact a business’s local search.  

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Go Mobile

Nearly 50 percent of searches for a local business come from a mobile device. This is why publishers like Google, will now reward a business with a higher search ranking for having a mobile friendly site.  During the summer months, consumers are using their phones to find a local business when they are on the go or traveling for vacation.


Engage with Consumers Engagement is essential!

95% of unhappy customers will return back to the business if their problem is resolved quickly and efficiently.  Developing a consistent schedule of communication can help improve a business’s online image.  Communicating through social channels or online listings will can easily help improve a customer’s online experience.

SinglePlatform allows a business to easily get discovered by displaying the content consumers are looking for in all of the places they are searching. Local search is an important topic for a small business especially during the summer months.

If you would like to learn more about how SinglePlatform can help your clients build a strong brand during the summer months please attend our webinar on Wednesday May 17 at 3:00 PM EST