Reach More Customers While Spending Less Time And Money

You have a restaurant. And we know, your plate is full managing it. On top of that, the mere thought of maintaining an online presence seems like a large feat. But, it isn't. Why?

At SinglePlatform, we do all the work for you. We get your accurate menu and restaurant information across a network of 100s of search engines, travel, review, and navigation sites - putting you in more places, faster and easier.

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Accurate Information = Happy Diners

80% of consumers get frustrated and lose trust in a restaurant when online information is incorrect.

And did you know there are 100s of data companies pushing data that can overwrite your data, making it inaccurate?

SinglePlatform refreshes your information daily to stay accurate.

We save restaurants, on average, 430 hours per year, not only managing their information, but also keeping it accurate!

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