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Mike Lucero

Joining the SinglePlatform team in June of 2013, Mike Lucero has excelled on both the Sales and Customer Success teams. With a recent promotion to Manager of the Customer Success Saves team, we sat down with Mike to learn the components of his success over the last two years.

 “There is so much that I have learned since I started at SinglePlatform,” Mike explains, “but the most important thing I have learned so far is to inspect what you expect.”

 Delving deeper into his statement, he explains that to be as successful as possible, “you have to constantly keep up with what you want to achieve. If you expect something to happen, you have to stay with it every step of the way to ensure it does.”

Although the drive to be successful begins with yourself, how successful you are is often a reflection of the people you’re surrounded by. “You are a product of your environment, and you influence it too. The people that work at SinglePlatform and the positivity they embody is a huge motivator for me to succeed at work every day,” Mike explains.

The positivity that Mike and his team promote seems to be translating through to their customers, as Mike explains that he and his team have “received countless emails from our customers thanking us for the way we handle their business and help them with their inquiries.”

Taking into account the growth Mike has experienced over the past two years, we were dying to know what his favorite part of working at SinglePlatform is.

“Apart from the validation that what we do exponentially benefits our customers, the work environment I come to every day tops the list. When I come into work, it doesn’t feel like work. Instead, I feel like I’m helping colleagues and small businesses and making a difference.”

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