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Starting with SinglePlatform as a temp in November of 2014, Greta Seidohl officially became a full-time employee as a Customer Operations Specialist in April of 2015. Curious as to why Greta chose to leave the temp agency for a career at SinglePlatform, we got the opportunity to sit down with her and find out what won her over. “Having been with SinglePlatform for only nine months, it is truly amazing to me how well I understand how things happen in the company and where things can go for me,” Greta explains, “I’ve been really lucky in particular to have bosses that have tailored my work for the company to also benefit me both personally and professionally.”


Not only do her bosses encourage her personal and professional growth, “walking into work everyday knowing that I’m going to be productive just makes me feel good,” Greta explains, “it makes you want to work harder when you feel like what you do for the company not only benefits them, but betters you as a person too.”

With a better understanding of what made Greta stick with SinglePlatform, we wanted to know what her favorite part about the job is.

“The people that work here and the opportunities we’re offered; in addition to different speakers coming in to talk to the company and the Employee Resource Groups, it’s the focus on the employee’s overall happiness,” Greta says.

“SinglePlatform does an amazing job of establishing a balance between taking care of their employees and promoting high productivity on a daily basis.”

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