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Finishing up a summer job and ready to start a career, Dave Alter was referred to SinglePlatform by his temp agency in January of 2013. After six months of success with SinglePlatform, Dave decided to make his employment official in July of 2013. Excelling at four different positions in the company, from Data Entry temp to Customer Operations Coordinator, to Customer Operations Associate, and finally, Associate Product Manager, we sat down with Dave to learn the secrets behind his success. “Starting in data entry and being exposed to the tech environment sparked my interest in technology in general,” Dave explains, “While I was a temp, I taught myself about coding and different programming languages. When I went full-time, I took advantage of the Tuition Reimbursement program that SinglePlatform offers and took classes at New York University in those areas.”

Diving deeper into his experience with the Tuition Reimbursement program, Dave explains, “The formal classroom setting really propelled me and helped me to acquire the technological knowledge that I have today, enabling me to move into Product from Operations.”

Dave’s hard work in the classroom paid off in his career at SinglePlatform, as Dave has not only excelled on the Operations side of the company, but is now taking his role as Associate Product Manager by storm.


Working on the Product team, Dave says, “coming into work everyday is like walking into a flurry of knowledge – there’s so much to learn from everyone.”

Apart from working in an environment where you learn something new everyday, we wanted to know what the greatest reward about his job is.

“A big part of product management is driving the vision of what the product should accomplish. Our product is the embodiment of every single team’s work across SinglePlatform, so providing our customers with a product that makes their life easier is the biggest reward about my job.”

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