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Recently graduated and ready to jump-start her career, Megan Riley took the Sales floor by storm in July of 2013. Two years and several promotions later, we got the chance to sit down with Megan to learn the ins and outs of succeeding at SinglePlatform. From Sales Rep to Sales Training Manager, Megan says, “I have learned so much both personally and professionally at SinglePlatform. When I started out, it was about getting my career off the ground and being as successful as possible in Sales. As a manager, it’s no longer just about the success of my career – but about the careers of every person on my team.”

Ensuring that every member of her team succeeds is one of Megan’s favorite parts about her job. “As a manager, it’s so rewarding when I see my team make their first sales, and then see them grow and be successful throughout their career at SinglePlatform.”


Success at SinglePlatform doesn’t come without a reward, however, as Megan explains, “One of my favorite memories was when the company sent the Sales Leadership Team to Austin, Texas for hitting our goal for first quarter. We relaxed by the pool, rented bicycles to explore the city, and rented a boat to take out on Lake Travis. It was so nice to work so hard and be rewarded for it, and to know that everything we were doing was being recognized.”

Apart from seeing her team succeed and the rewards for hitting different goals, Megan explains, “Working at SinglePlatform has given me confidence, communication and time management skills, and a family; a SinglePlatform family. I don’t know a lot of people who are excited to get up and come to work everyday but I am so fortunate that I am and that I get to work with people that I love."

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