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Born and raised in South Carolina, Amanda Hitchner was in search of the big-city experience. Fresh out of college and applying to jobs in both Boston and New York City, Amanda stumbled across SinglePlatform on LinkedIn. Realizing an old friend from college worked at SinglePlatform, Amanda reached out to her in a quest for more information. “She just had nothing but amazing things to say; after my phone call and interview with the company, I didn’t hesitate to accept the job when I was offered it,” Amanda explains.

Starting in sales, her hard work was evident and her manager noticed, inviting her to interview for a position in Account Management.

Transitioning to Account Management from Sales in February of 2014, Amanda quickly climbed the ladder. In her current position as Welcome Team Lead, Amanda is in charge of the group doing customer onboarding.

Not only does Amanda help oversee customers’ success, she also helps in the development and promotion of diversity and respect within the office, as well as the development of Employee Resource Groups, particularly promoting employee wellness initiatives.

With involvement in a variety of different company initiatives, we were curious to find out which part was most rewarding for Amanda.


“As a team lead, the most rewarding thing for me is to see how happy and excited my team is when they hit their goals. For the last four months, we’ve hit our goals consistently, and witnessing their motivation to do it month after month has been amazing. When you have a happy team, you have a happy customer, and it’s great to see all of our efforts are making a difference,” explains Amanda.

Apart from seeing her team succeed, Amanda says her favorite part about coming to work every day is “the energy of the office; it’s a buzzing, vibrant place, and everyone is excited and enthusiastic about being there.”

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