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Micky Loo

With an unquenchable thirst to learn and a new software program to master, Micky Loo joined the SinglePlatform team in January of 2013. Previously a PHP Developer, his new role as a Software Engineer would require him to learn a new software programming language, a task he proved he was ready for.

Starting out as a Software Engineer, Micky’s dedication has earned him three promotions since he began at SinglePlatform; from his starting role, to Senior Software Engineer, to Principle Software Engineer, to his current position as Software Engineering Manager, Micky says the greatest reward about his job is “being able to constantly build new things.”

Apart from being an integral part of building the SinglePlatform product, Micky explains, “One of my favorite parts of coming into work everyday is the team I work with. I think everyone on the team is working really hard to make everything better for our customers, and I know I can rely on everyone to do a great job.”

Not only is Micky equipped with a motivated team, he says, “Everyone on the Product team is equipped to continuously learn through a budget provided by the company to go to various conferences and learn about the latest developments in our industry."

Learning more about the opportunities Micky has been presented with at SinglePlatform, he explains, “Coming in as an experienced developer for an entirely different software language, the Director of Engineering at the time gave me the chance to prove myself and be successful here.”

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