3 Must-Sees at Pizza Expo 2016

The largest pizza conference in the world is quickly approaching! Close to 500 pizza-centric companies will be exhibiting at the Las Vegas convention center March 8th-10th. If you are a pizzeria owner or manager (pizza lovers are welcome as well), this is a one-stop shop to scope out an abundance of products and get up to date on the industry. Also, owners will be able to participate in exciting pizza related competitions and workshops. Here are three events you won’t want to miss:

Tony Gemignani’s Key Note

For many restauranteurs, Tony Gemignani is the face of the US pizza industry.  As the owner of 13 pizzerias with 11 world titles for pizza making know for his creative spin on the craft, his success is undeniable. USA today has named Tony’s Pizza Napolitano as America’s Best pizza. Tony also run’s the International School of Pizza located in California, where he teaches an abundance of pizza making styles, and shares his talents with chefs around the world. Don’t miss Tony Gemignani’s presentation Thursday, March 10th from 7:45am to 8:45am on his success and his take on the future of the Pizza industry. 

The Pizza Challenge

The bake-offs begin! This competition has evolved over the years to become the best pizza making competition in North America. This competition is comprised of five divisions, which include traditional, non-traditional, pan, pizza Napoletana, and gluten-free Pizza. The pizzaeolas will be baking a pie from their pizza menu in front of the judges to win the coveted title of Pizza-Maker of the Year. Judging panels are comprised of chefs, food critics, and other members of the pizza industry. Pizza and prizes, hard to get better than that!

The SinglePlatform Booth

We can’t wait to meet all of you pizza-aficionados. In between the amazing keynotes, competitions and demonstrations, stop by our booth (#1124) to see what we are all about! We’d love to talk to you about your business and the pizza industry. If you’re interested, SinglePlatform will show you how we can help your business stand out everywhere that matters.

5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Sales by Adding Catering

Every restauranteurs goal is to boost traffic to the business by gaining a constant flow of customers that are both new and returning customers. According to Food Service Warehouse, “Catering is a profit center many operators are neglecting to use to get the highest return possible from their restaurant, especially in this challenging environment.” You already have a kitchen, dedicated customers, and a menu, so why not add catering to boost sales? Here’s why and how:

Optimize Exposure

With catering to off-site events you will be able to optimize your restaurant’s exposure beyond the restaurant’s walls. When catering for birthday parties, weddings, festivals, and events, you are exposing your food and menu to people who have not been to the restaurant before. Everyone at the event will leave knowing about the restaurant and have a taste of the restaurant to remember. This is a level of exposure that is hard to come by in any other way. Catering is a great way to draw in new customers that will try your food once and may become regulars for a lifetime. 

Increase sales

Catering gives your customers the ability to use your services when they need more than regular dining options. Catering is an easy way to drive revenue fast and efficiently.  When an event planner needs an option to use for their clients catering make sure your restaurant is an option

Make up for the slow days 

In the restaurant business not all days are going to be consistent.  The inevitable lulls of each day plague all restaurant owners.  Offering catering is a great way to make up for these times of reduced profits. 

Catering menus are Essential

You can choose to create a menu separate from your regular menu or you can tailor catering to your customer’s individual needs. Make sure to provide pricing and package options on your website as well as any other place where people search for restaurants. Yelp, Google, and Yellow Pages are your friends. 

4 Ways for Gyms and Fitness Studios to Make Their Social Media Presence Stronger

Today, over 50 million Americans frequent more than 30,000 health clubs . From power lifters to the casual Zumba enthusiasts, there is a fitness haven out there for everyone. The challenge for gym and fitness studio owners is how to best engage and communicate with their niche.

Utilizing social media is one of the leading ways that small business owners can target their message to their unique audience. In this day and age, social media grabs the attention of potential members and creates a buzz to keep current members engaged. As a gym owner, you have already mastered building your clients’ strength, here are four ways to make your social media stronger:

1. Inspire Members

Using social media, from Facebook to Instagram, to motivate your audience is essential for any gym owner. Your goal is to appeal to your audience’s interests and inspire them to be returning clients. Posting photos of gym member’s progress, videos of classes, and inspiring quotes, will definitely push someone to make that trip to the gym.

2. Promotional Offers

Use your content to drive traffic to your business! Every one loves a discount or special offer especially when it comes to trying out a studio or gym for the first time. Test out different promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while keeping track of what promotions drive the most traffic.

3. Recipes

We all got to eat! Food is one of the most efficient ways to grab attention on social media. Gym go-ers and healthy eating go hand in hand. Fitness lovers want to be educated on healthy eating and tips for eating post workout. Post recipes and food articles that will stand out on a cluttered social media feed. 

4. Polls

Communicate with your clients! As a business owner you want your clients to be engaged in your business; boost your engagement with your clients by allowing them to communicate their thoughts through polls. Use the feedback to benefit the business and tweak any negatives you may hear. 

How to grow your salon’s client base in 2016

As the salon industry has evolved, new opportunities to build a client base have surfaced. Word of mouth has transformed into online & social media. Here are just a few of the avenues salon owners can take to drive new traffic into the business.

Keeping repeat business is necessary to grow

Salon-goers aren’t necessarily easy to please, but once they’re happy, they’re loyal. Do a check on these basics to make sure you’re as pleasing to your clients as they are to you:

  • A huge factor desired by clients is valuable services. Going above and beyond for clients, doing a little bit extra can make all the difference.
  • People want to have options; broadening selections for them once they’re in the salon can result in repeat customers. No person wants to be limited in their options on what they can do for themselves within a salon.
  •  Reasonable prices also have an impact for customers.

Other factors customers are looking for consist of a clean shop and strong relationships. People want to feel clean and feel taken care of because it makes them feel comfortable. I know when I’m in a salon for a haircut, if I don’t feel comfortable, I’m not coming back.

Capture online search with trending services to attract new customers

Gaining new customers is always on ongoing challenge, but taking advantage of the tools that are in front of you is key. A significant tool to take advantage of is the internet.

More than 85 percent of Americans search for businesses using the Internet. Online presence is critical, not only to be present when people are searching, but to be accessible when people are searching for specific things. Whether someone is googling “haircut and color” or “Brazilian wax”, it is key to be found.

Having your services listed on the biggest websites (Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc.) is a way to differentiate yourself, but also increase your discoverability. According to a Pew Internet study, 81% of individuals use Internet key word searches to find services and products. Promoting offers through social media platforms can be effective as well (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Checking your in-salon and online presence can help keep your loyal clients happy and get new customers in your doors. With new services and new websites constantly popping up, a regular check on how you’re doing on both can keep you growing healthily.

4 ways to promote your restaurant in 2016

The New Year is here! Its time to build a foundation for success in 2016 by reflecting on the previous year (the good and the bad) and creating ideas that will ultimately drive your restaurant sales. Here are four ways to promote your restaurant in 2016:

1.    Social Media:

51% of adults get news and information about local restaurants and bars from the internet . Social media is an easy and affordable way to connect directly with your current customers and drive new customers to the restaurant. Start by creating a business page on Facebook which provides a key way for customers to interact with your brand. You can be creative on social media by posting photos that grab foodies’ attention, displaying your menu so people are able to view what you offer before coming into the restaurant and posting events or specials that you may be offering to entice new customers.

2.    Use incentives to bring in more business:

Consumers are constantly drawn to promotions. Use holidays throughout the year to your advantage by offering specials for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Creating happy hour specials on a weekly basis will drive new customers and keep options for customers new and exciting. 50% of Americans go to a restaurant on their birthday . Offering specials for birthdays can ultimately create customer loyalty.

3.     Verify that your restaurant’s online listings are accurate

It is vital that all of your restaurant’s details online are up-to-date. This includes your restaurants name, phone number, hours and current menu on all of the local listings sites and apps that people use to find their next meal out. Make it an easy and seamless process for diners to find your current menu with a listing enhancement service like SinglePlatform.

4.     Promote user-generated content

Ask your customers to share photos and information across their various social networks. This is a great way to engage with customers as well as promote your brand. Promoting user-generated content shows appreciation for customers, which will turn customers from one-time visitors to #1 fans.

Introducing SinglePlatform: The Brand

We’ve come a long way in a few fast years

In 2010, two guys recognized that people had a growing number of options of how to search for local businesses.  Some Googled, some Yelped, some checked in on Foursquare, some followed their friends around on Facebook, some old-to-new-school users searched YellowPages.com.

They also realized that people were searching smarter – and pickier – because they had more options.  So they came up with an idea to connect smart-searching consumers with local businesses nearby, on the sites and apps those consumers were already using – and SinglePlatform began.

 SinglePlatform's first logo

Those two guys surrounded themselves with an amazing team and partners, worked hard, grew, adapted, got acquired, grew some more.  They grew so much, they outgrew one logo, then another. We were so focused on who we were and what we were doing that along the way, we forgot to check to make sure our customers knew that what we were doing was for them.

Dedicated to the people who run local businesses

SinglePlatform’s mission has always been to help local businesses succeed.  But we hadn’t defined how, or why.  So before we started on our new brand, we turned to the people who run local businesses, the owners and managers, to understand why they trusted SinglePlatform with their online presence.

We heard a lot about maps and apps, technology, social media and mobile optimization. At our core, our team and technology help local businesses get discovered by new customers. We help them stand out from their competition on top sites and apps. But more than digital buzzwords, we heard about people. The time they saved, their livelihoods, the new customers they met and the support they got from our team.

 A couple of our friends from David Burke Kitchen, NYC A couple of our friends from David Burke Kitchen, NYC

At the core of local businesses, people drive success.  They greet customers at the door, they feed them, pamper them, take care of their pets, fix their problems.  Local business owners are busy, hard-working, amazing people. SinglePlatform’s mission is to help local business owners succeed by saving them time and stress, and by helping them get discovered by new customers online.

Helping local businesses stand out

Here’s the great part. We’re excited to present the new SinglePlatform brand:

We visually connected our maps-and-apps technology with our focus on local businesses. Since our customers have different needs, each of our main business types now have their own submark and color.  When they see their color or mark, they’ll know that the content, features or product displayed is created with their needs in mind.

When we’re talking maps, the pins can be separated from their logo marks, with more content when clicked.

We’ll continue to make great things happen for local businesses, but we’re going to do it smarter, and stay focused on the people who make them great.

Our SinglePlatform Marketing team has been working day and night on this rebrand and site redesign for the better part of the past year – we hope you love it as much as we do!  We’re looking forward to what’s next, and to helping even more local business owners get discovered, stand out, and get chosen.