Summer Salon & Spa Trends

As with any industry, what is popular in the spa and salon world is constantly evolving. Additionally, certain treatments and services are more popular in the summer months than in the wintertime and vice-versa. Here are four trends to look out for this summer.

1. Keep Kids in Mind
The summer months are a great time for parents to spend additional time with their children who are on break from school. Both adults and children are more stressed and anxious now than in the past. This creates a big need for wellness services to help with posture and muscle stiffness. Offer mother-daughter packages to cater to this every growing demographic.

2. Lighten Up
With the boost in sunshine comes a bigger emphasis on lighter hair colors and highlights. Customers are increasingly looking for lightening treatments such as ombre or balayage, so make sure you and your stylists are up to date on these trends.

3. Smoothing Treatments
With beach and pool season around the corner, there’s a high demand for hair smoothing treatments such as keratin. For a more natural alternative, here are four formaldehyde-free treatments to think about incorporating.

4. Summer Retail Products
Make sure to stock your salon or spa with sun protectant products. Lip balms, hair sprays, and creams for the face/body that contain UV protection should be available to your clients who will be spending more time outdoors.

As you change over your retail products and offer summer specials and promotions, get the word out by utilizing your website and online listings. Check out SinglePlatform to see how we are able to get more eyes on your services and specials across all of the major websites and mobile apps this summer.

4 Ways to Launch Your Catering Business this Summer

We are heading into the summer months and that means more reasons to celebrate.  Graduation party season is here, and the most popular months for weddings are May through September.  For restaurant owners, this means ample opportunities to grow and promote their catering business.  Catering is an easy way to boost revenue without costly surplus of inventory.  Here are four tips for restaurants hoping to break into catering this summer:

1.     Start Simple

Don’t jump into catering with complex full menu options.  Pick four or five items that you do well that can be mass-produced with ease.  Trays of pasta or salads, sandwiches, and other easily packaged foods are the best start.

2.     Offer Options for Everyone

While it pays to start simple, make sure you’re offering something for everybody.  The gluten-free food craze has ballooned to a $3.47 billion industry, and there is always one vegetarian or vegan at every party.  Consider having an option for picky eaters and something that is kid-friendly.

3.     Free Samples

When delivering hundreds of dollars of food to a catering customer, you might want to throw in a couple free samples of your best dishes.  Offering a quality sample may inspire customers to order again, and people tend to spread the word about generosity.

4.     Market for Events

The best way to grow your catering business is to tailor your marketing efforts to holidays or celebrations that include large groups of people. The more people, the more food needed. Use SinglePlatform to inform the public about your great party trays for graduation parties or about great summer fruit salads for Fourth of July gatherings.

With catering, you are able to easily plan inventory and forecast revenue.  Capitalize on the busiest season of the year and turn community little league banquets into extra revenue for your business. Want more marketing tips or industry trends? Check out SinglePlatform on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

3 Tips for Your Gym to Increase Sales This Summer

One out of five Americans has a gym membership, but gym and fitness center owners want that number to increase. With summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time for gym owners to target customers looking to break their winter hibernation. More sunlight means more energy for hitting the gym or a Zumba class.  These three tips will help you capitalize on this time of year and increase your membership sales.

1. Select a Niche Market
Many companies are hoping to target millennials as the cohort makes up 25% of the population  and could provide revenue for decades to come. While millennials have more buying power now than ever before—estimated at over a trillion dollars—simply  targeting millennials is not enough.  Millennials are a diverse group of consumers with different wants and needs. Make sure you’re targeting a specific subset of this population. Tailoring your approach will allow you to better speak to your core customer-base instead of speaking vaguely to a broader market. 

2. Be Unique
Currently in the United States, there are over 30,000 fitness centers which means there are many different options for people to choose from. Make sure your fitness center stands out amongst the competition in your area. If most of the fitness centers near you have annual memberships, try a commitment free memberships. Offer classes that are new or hard to find. Specials events geared toward your niche market will help you cultivate customer loyalty amongst your client base. 

3. Create an Offer with Urgency
People love promotions, and if done properly, promotions can mean big money for your fitness center. By offering prospective clients a deal, they will feel more inclined to sign up for your gym, especially if they feel this offer is only available for a limited time. Offering people a free five-day trial will help you get prospective customers in the door. Once the customer comes in, they’ll be more likely to commit to signing up for a membership. 

SinglePlatform helps gyms and fitness centers attract the most consumers. Learn more tips, tricks, and trends on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



SinglePlatform’s Customer Success Stories

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5 Ways for Restaurants to Boost Sales this Summer

Here in New York, we’re getting excited for the summer months ahead.  For restaurant owners, summer is the best time of the year to capitalize on longer days and increased consumer spending. Here are six tips for business owners to maximize their revenues from May through August:

1. Replace Heavy Items with Lighter Offerings

There is nothing like warming up with a nice big bowl of chili after shoveling the driveway or tearing up the ski slopes for the day. On the contrary, consumers want light and fresh flavors on their palettes in the warmer months. Incorporate seasonal fruits and veggies in to your dishes, and replace those hearty stews with crisp salads and tasty smoothies.

2. Use Outdoor Seating

If space allows, open up that back patio or move a couple tables outside for people to enjoy the breeze during warmer months.  Having outdoor seating can increase revenue up to 30%, and gives you a leg up on your competition who aren’t able to accommodate open air seating. Sunshine and fresh air are the perfect accompaniments to an amazing meal. Who wouldn’t want to stay for dessert?

3. Host Live Music

Music is a great way to get noticed by passers-by! Invite a local band to jazz up your brunch, or host a cover band during weeknights to grow that mid-week nightlife crowd.  You can try different styles of music each night of the week to see to cater to different demographics and diversify your clientele.

4. Be Family-Friendly

According to Main Street, American consumer spending is highest from May through August, even more so than the December holiday season! With schools being out of session for the summer, more and more families with be looking to eat out.  Offer lunch specials for families on weekdays or market yourself as a great hangout for local little league baseball teams to have their post-game pizza parties.

5. Extend your Business Hours

With summer comes extra daylight, and that means the nights begin and end at a later time.  According to Google, 25% of businesses extend their hours during the summer months but only 1% change the hours on their Google listings. Add a late night snack or an extended happy hour menu. SinglePlatform can help youmake your new hours and menus appear across all of your listings.

These five tips can help boost your sales without your business incurring any hefty expenses. Want to learn more tips and trends to help you run your business? Check out SinglePlatform on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

SPstories: Skin Spa New York

To celebrate Small Biz Week, SinglePlatform wanted to highlight one of our customers who found success through trying years. Skin Spa New York was established in New York City in 2005 with only four treatment rooms and less than 10 employees. Over the course of eleven years, through the recession and the boom of online deal sites, Skin Spa New York has been able to expand to an eight-location business with 150 employees. A feat that was accomplished with an emphasis on online presence and a business model willing to adapt to the new digital environment of the industry. 

Senior Manager Katie Werbowski joined the team in 2007. Over the years, her role expanded into management and marketing alongside the founder of Skin Spa, Tom Elzner, and she currently runs the daily operations for Skin Spa. Katie spoke with us about how Skin Spa New York has been able to thrive, “Skin Spa’s pricing was created in a way that is affordable for everyone.  During the 2008 recession, everyone was looking for more cost effective treatments, so we were able to introduce Skin Spa to people across the spectrum.” Skin Spa New York is dedicated to being a part of their customers’ lifestyles and their pricing reflects that. They want their clients to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, not worried about if their treatments can fit into their budget. 

Katie recalls how Groupon was also a by-product of the recession and that Skin Spa New York recognized that they would have to adapt. “Groupon made pricing in the market really transparent. Instead of having to call around, you could see prices published everywhere. It really changed the market.” Skin Spa New York has embraced the digital landscape and it has paid off for them. Groupon lead to increased volume of appointments allowing them to continue to grow even during financially insecure times

Through the expansion, the team realized that one of the more time consuming aspects of their internet strategy became finding and maintaining the details of each spa listing in order to keep their business information current and user-friendly. They knew how important a strong online presence is for a small business, “Everything is online now. If your online presence is weak, it reflects poorly on the business before people are even getting in the door, which means they’re not coming in the door.” When Skin Spa heard about SinglePlatform, they immediately saw the value in the service and knew that we could help fill in the cracks of their online marketing. To learn more about how SinglePlatform helped Skin Spa New York stand out everywhere it matters online, check out our full customer success story.

The End of UberEats Instant Delivery in NYC

With technology continuously advancing, consumers are constantly searching for newer and quicker ways to receive their deliveries as we described in our previous post. With this demand from consumers, there has been an influx of new online ordering and food delivery services estimated to have over one billion dollars in investments since 2014. Companies like Seamless, Grubhub, Postmates, Door-dash, and Caviar are emerging in the food delivery market, and restaurant owners are feeling a greater pressure to partner with them One of the newest online ordering companies now available is called UberEats.

As you may know, UberEats is a mobile app that debuted in March with a promise that ordering and “receiving great food from restaurants would be as easy as requesting a ride.” The app had two different services, one where people could browse the menu of dozens of different restaurants, order their selected meal and Uber would deliver the food. The second option was an upgraded “instant delivery” menu option with a pre-fix rotating lunch menu that could be delivered in as little as ten minutes. The instant delivery option was the focus for UberEats in order to differentiate its company amongst their vast and already existing NYC competition. Despite the emphasis on instant delivery, just one month into launching the app UberEats announced on April 18 that the instant delivery option will no longer be an available in the NYC marketplace.

Right now, it is unclear the exact reason why UberEats has discontinued the instant delivery option, and only time will tell if this will have a greater impact on the delivery industry. While partnering with one of these companies could potentially increase sales for your restaurant, it is yet to be seen if these companies have staying power or if the growth in this industry is sustainable.

At SinglePlatform, we are here to help restaurant owners stand out everywhere that matters online. Learn more tips, tricks, and trends on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.