3 Tips for Fitness Professionals Training Diabetic Clients

As a fitness professional, it’s very rewarding to see the progress your clients make in their training with your gym or fitness studio. However, training a client with a chronic illness like diabetes can be a difficult transition for a fitness professional.  Check out these three tips that you or your staff can use to make your gym or fitness studio friendly to any clients with diabetes.

1. Understand The Disease

According to Idea Fit, there are 20.8 million people that suffer with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes in 2016. Type 1 Diabetes is a condition where a person’s body produces little to no insulin in the pancreas. Type 2 Diabetes affects the way the body produces glucose. Exercise helps control glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity for Type 2 diabetic clients. Improved cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure, and improved muscular strength and endurance are also benefits from daily exercise that can be important for those who have diabetes.

Educating your staff on the specific needs of clients with diabetes, it will be easier to create effective and safe strength and conditioning programs for those clients. Rest periods will be imperative for your diabetic clients and these can differ from your regular clients. Make sure that you are planning accordingly to their needs.

2. Be Prepared

Not only is physical activity important for athletes with diabetes, but also nutrition plays just as big of a role. Men’s Fitness pointed out some symptoms that can occur for an athlete while training that can indicate an issue with their nutrition including shakiness, mood swings, and numbness in the body. If a client experiences these symptoms during a session, make sure you have the proper foods and drinks on site to help regulate their blood sugar level. Carbohydrates, candy, soda, and fruit juice are among some of the items that fit into that category.

3. Have a Positive Mental Attitude

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone but for clients with a chronic disease like diabetes, this can be overwhelming. To help your client overcome their fears and have a healthier lifestyle, you need to be supportive and have a positive mental attitude. You and your staff should try to incorporate positive feedback into your sessions to encourage people to continue on their journeys to a healthier life. 

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Nail Care 101 for Pets

Nail care is a great way for pet groomers to boost client satisfaction while also bringing in additional revenue for the business. Groomers can offer additional add-on nail care services for each grooming session. Make sure that your staff knows what healthy nails look like so that they can be offering the best services to your customers. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that you have everything you need to care for the pet’s nails in every grooming session:

Get the History

Knowing if and when you are dealing with an anxious pet so that you can prepare for their needs will make the grooming session easier on yourself while also creating a better experience for your clients. If the pet is anxious, it is beneficial to be in a quiet room. Sometimes a muzzle or an air cloth can be helpful, in addition to adding treats. Learn more about handling anxious animals. 

Have the Right Tools

It takes more than nail clippers to take care of your furry clients nails. Guillotines, scissors, and pliers can all be used for nail care. A guillotine works best for pets with smaller to medium sized nails. Scissor clippers are an easy and inexpensive alternative for pets with rounded nails because of the curved blade. Pliers are a popular tool amongst pet care professionals because they are extremely durable and last many years before the blades dull. A Nail file can also be used to smooth rough edges and shape the nail. Make sure that you are providing your staff with all the tools that they need to give the best care possible.

Nail Length is Important

Pet nails wear from running and walking, which is good because it is best to keep pet’s nails short. If left unchecked though, the dewclaw can grow into the nail bed and can cause discomfort for the pet, similar to an ingrown toenail. Also, you can check to see the difference in nail length from the front paws to the backs paws. With pets that propel themselves with their back legs, such as greyhounds, they wear the back nails down more. Make sure that your staff is checking for these common conditions to avoid pain and provide happy pets. 

Check For Nail Health

Look at the nail color, thickness, and texture of all of your canine clients. If the pet has brittle nails, this can be a sign of infection, disease, or a nutritional deficiency. Your staff should also check to see if there is dryness or cracking in the pet’s paw or pad condition. If you notice dryness or cracking, this pup may need an ointment. Selling additional care products like ointments can be an additional revenue source for your business.  

Get Creative

Pet groomers can use nail caps and nail polish to protect nails while adding pizazz to the grooming session. Nail caps are a practical solution for pets who scratch too much. Nail caps are applied to the nail with a non-toxic adhesive that mutes scratching damage to skin, floors, and furniture. Nail caps also come in different color combinations and can be used as an accessory for owners looking for trendier options for their pet. 

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Protect Your Franchise From Federal Labor Violations

McDonald’s is in the hot seat for labor violations against fast-food strikers. The National Labor Relations Board claimed that McDonald’s has practiced discriminatory discipline as well as reducing hours, implementing discharges, threatening employees , falsely promising benefits, among other misdeeds. This major issue at hand is known as “joint employers” in terms of labor law.

In the past, two companies have been indicted for sharing their hiring and firing processes. Recently, the National Labor Relations Board has broadened the definition of joint employers; it now includes employment standards a franchisor might set for its franchisees. This change could lead to federal wage-and-hour violations for employers. The National Labor Relation Board and McDonald’s may have to appear in court to settle this suit.

Franchisors can protect themselves by separating from franchisees’ employment systems and not providing detailed employee manuals or scripts for job interviews, according to lawyer Rochelle Spandorf. They can also evaluate the language used in contracts pertaining to labor terms and conditions, eliminating those that are unnecessary or those that will not be utilized. It is crucial to ensure that decisions involving employee hiring and firing, wages and hours, supervision, work rules, schedules, among other aspects are easily clarified to avoid discrepancies. On a larger scale, companies should think carefully about the value outsourcing provides. In some circumstances, they may want to reduce outsourcing to limit the possibility of joint employment.

Joint employment is an issue that could lead to various legal issues for franchisees and franchisors alike. Companies need to take the opportunity to educate themselves about changing labor laws so that they can protect themselves from potential allegations of joint employment.

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Attract Millenials and Gen Zers to Your Restaurant

Millennials and their younger counterparts Gen Z are the future of your customer base. Already Millennials are eating out 3.4 times a week and Gen Zers account for $78 billion spent at restaurants per year. Make sure that your restaurant is cashing in on this market by attracting younger clientele.

1.    Get Connected

Gen Zers are the first generation to be considered digital natives, as they have never known a life without the internet. Millennials, who only lived without easy internet access during their youngest years, are similar in their comfort with and focus on connectivity. Restaurants who want to connect with these customers need to get digital. Creating active social media accounts and monitoring popular review sites is the first step to start getting your business in front of these younger customers.

2.    Put Health First

Having grown up during the obesity epidemic, Millennials and Gen Zers are more health conscious than the generations that came before them. 64% of millennials agree that their top priority when picking a menu item is healthy options. To draw in younger eaters, make sure that your restaurant is offering wholesome, nutritious meals.

3.    Creativity is Key

Millennials and Gen Zers are the most ethnically diverse generations and therefore are more interested in exotic flavors and fusion foods than previous generations. Include specialty items that borrow flavors from various cuisines to satisfy these younger palates. Not only do these foods satisfy their taste buds, but they are also interesting enough to be shared widely on social media.

4.    Be Convenient

We live in a fast-paced world and these tech-savvy, health conscious generations are speeding it up. Younger generations are forsaking the standard three meals a day in favor of eating smaller portions more frequently, often on-the-go. Consider adding menu items that will accommodate these eating habits. Smoothies and juices, wraps, and protein rich bowls are all portable snack options that can be altered to satisfy the adventurous palates of the youth in healthy ways.

Millennials and Gen Zers are spending on the restaurant industry, so adopting practices that meets their needs will help you win more business for years to come. For more tips and restaurant industry trends follow SinglePlatform on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Originating in New York City in 1992, Restaurant Week has become an annual event celebrated by diners and restaurateurs alike. With over 70 cities participating, Restaurant Week has grown tremendously over the years.

Kicking off their own Restaurant Week, 78 restaurants in the Baltimore area will offer discount prices on special prix fixe menus from July 22nd to the 31st. This event is a strong way for restaurants to capture new customers with the hope that a meal during restaurant week will turn into a loyal diner. The cost of lunch at participating restaurants varies between $15 and $20 and the cost for dinner is between $30 and $35.

Due to the popularity of this event, diners are encouraged to make reservations prior to visiting the restaurant to guarantee a table during Restaurant Week. Diners can easily do so over the phone or through reservation sites such as OpenTable.

Check out these restaurants that are doing Baltimore Restaurant Week right:


Serving up Italian cuisine comprised of ingredients from local ranchers, farmers, and watermen, this place is known for their vibrant atmosphere and artisan pizza. Check out their Restaurant Week menu here.

Bond Street Social

Known for their outdoor space and fine dining twist on every day comfort food, Bond Street Social was voted one of the top 100 hottest restaurant bars in the country by OpenTable in 2013. Check out their menu here.

Brew House No. 16

Located in a former firehouse, Brew House No. 16 is a gastropub that doubles as a microbrewery, serving both American and International beers. Check out their Restaurant Week menu here.

City Cafe

Offering an original menu centered on American comfort food, City Cafe offers a multitude of tastes in a modern setting. Serving lunch and dinner courses during Restaurant Week, check out the menu here. 


Partnering with local ranchers, farmers, and watermen, Encantada serves modern American food in a space located in the American Visionary Art Museum. Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, check out their menus here.

Germano’s Piattini

Specializing in Italian cuisine and serving their dishes family style, Germano’s Piattini offers more than just food; they also host dinner shows and cabaret in the upstairs part of the restaurant. Check out their Restaurant Week menu here.

Still can’t decide? Check out a few more of our favorites:

•    Gertrude’s
•    La Tavola
•    The Nickel Taphouse
•    Sabatino’s

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6 Ways Local Businesses Can Use Pokémon Go to Attract Customers

Pokémon Go is officially dominating the app marketplace. According to a report by SensorTower, the app, which launched on July 6th, has already accumulated over 30 million downloads. It’s officially the first app to reach 10 million downloads in seven days. In comparison with other popular apps, Pokémon Go has been downloaded on twice as many mobile devices as Tinder and has more daily users than Twitter. 

An augmented reality app that gets people moving, the game has many different locations, called PokéStops, for users to travel to in order to get supplies, catch Pokémon, or collect Pokéballs. The app also features “Gyms” where users go to battle other users in hopes of winning control over that particular location.

If your business was fortunate enough to be chosen by the app’s developers as a PokéStop or Gym location, congrats! You’ve likely already seen a boost in foot traffic and sales from PokéMasters.  However, any local business can take full advantage of the Pokémon Go craze to attract customers and increase sales with these seven tips:

1.   Find Out if Your Business is a PokéStop or Gym

Before finalizing your strategy, you first need to figure out whether or not your local business is already a PokeStop or Gym. While there isn’t a definite map indicating the exact locations of these places in the Pokémon Go app, Ingress, an app created by the same developers of Pokémon Go, has a map that can be used as a resource for PokéMasters and savvy business owners to determine the Pokéstops and gyms near them. After downloading the Ingress app and signing in from your mobile device, you will be able to view the map and likely determine whether your business is a Pokémon Go site.

2.   Commence the Competition

A huge part of the game is battling Pokémon at specified Gym sites. Find the one nearest you and use it to your advantage. Host special events celebrating users’ battle victories by giving them free promotional items, a discounted price, or a gift card when they provide proof they won the fight. Showing support for their efforts by offering celebratory promotions makes it more likely for people to spend at your business.

3.   Drop Lures Around You

An easy way to get Pokémon (and people) to hang out at your business is to purchase Lures in the app. Lures do what their name says; they lure Pokémon to a specific location for a period of 30 minutes. To extend the time Pokémon are in the area, simply purchase more of them when the time is up. The lures will bring the Pokémon to you and the Pokémon will lure new customers to you. With these lures, you can host an event for users to come play when they purchase from you.

Not only is this an effective way to increase sales, it’s a relatively inexpensive investment. According to Inc., it costs $1.19 per hour to drop lures around you. Since the return on the investment has proven to be much higher than the initial investment, Lures are a great way to get people in the door without breaking the bank.  Drop lures this during slower hours to improve off-peak sales.

4.   Yelp’s Pokéstop Feature

Yelp just released a new filter feature to help PokéMasters find the Pokéstop nearest them. To identify Pokéstops, users must check-in at that location and answer a question to verify it. Encourage users to check in at your business by offering a deal or discount when they do so. Distinguishing your business on Yelp as a Pokéstop will ensure it appears in the search results whenever Pokémon players are searching for it.

5.     Hone in on the History

Host a trivia night to test users’ knowledge of Pokémon’s history. Debuting in 1997, Pokémon was a large part of many current users’ childhoods. Capitalize on nostalgia to compliment the comeback of the game and allow users to test their memories. To take it to the next level, dig up old Pokémon cards and offer them as prizes to the user with the highest score.

6.   Spread the Word on Social Media

Social media will be one of your most powerful tools in letting people know whether or not Pokémon are in your area. Send a tweet or post an Instagram featuring your latest catch each time you drop a lure and accompany it with Pokémon-related hashtags. Not only is social media an easy avenue for spreading the word, you can also use it to invite customers to Pokémon-related events. Invitees will get a notification when you send the invitation and again when the event is near, providing an easy reminder to come visit you.

With 30 million users, Pokémon Go is a goldmine for marketing and sales. Use the app to your advantage and create customers out of the users in your area.
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[Infographic:] 6 Types of Foodies and How to Keep Them Happy

Food has always been an important aspect of our culture, but in recent years our society has begun to embrace food as a form of entertainment in new and surprising ways. From television networks dedicated to all things culinary to food-centric Instagram accounts with millions of followers, more and more of us are turning to the internet to tell the world about our latest meal. Learn about these six new types of internet-age foodies and what your restaurant can do to keep them happy:

Make sure that you are making the most of the feedback that you receive from these tech-savvy foodies. SinglePlatform can help you stay on top of all of your reviews from across the web so nothing falls through the cracks. Learn more about Review Monitoring from SinglePlatform today.