Online Booking for Your Salon or Spa

Providing your clients with various ways to book appointments such as online as well as over the phone, will help you to fill up your salon or spa’s calendar. Salon and spa owners need to be on top of new business trends to gain a competitive edge. According to Aveda Means Business, “70% of visitors to salon and spa websites are unique visitors who have never been to that site before. Most likely, these are potential new clients.” Check out these three companies that can help you book appointments online and increase revenue to your salon or spa.

1.    Booker

Booker is a cloud based program that allows small businesses to book and sell their services online. The site is accessible 24/7 for clients around the world with a primary focus on spas, salons, tattoo parlors, and field services. With Booker you provide potential customers with the ability to book or buy a service via a third party site like Facebook, which creates more exposure for your business. Booker’s basic package starts at $85 a month with two other pricier packages available. 

2.    MyTime

Customers appreciate convenience. MyTime not only allows you to book appointments online, it also offers the customer the ability to see all available time slots, so that they can best pick the times that works for them. Having a visual calendar paints a better picture for your customers than calling a receptionist for availabilities.MyTime helps customers that are in need of a last minute appointment find business that can accompany them, helping your spa or salon to never have a lull. My Time offers three different packages for spa or salon owners with their beginner plan starting at $49.99 a month.

3.    Whittl

Whittl allows customers to search for a specific service. Similar to both Booker and My Time, your customers can book directly through Whittl’s website. Whittl is integrated with Yelp so potential customers can see reviews of your salon or spa before booking. Whittle’s starter plan starts at $49 a month with a $1 booking fee. Other detailed plans are available to purchase as your business grows. 

Providing customers with more ways to book appointments will ultimately lead to more business. Give your salon and spa that competitive advantage by staying up to date on new technology and trends in your industry. To learn more about how SinglePlatform can help your business get discovered everywhere that matters online, click here. 


Ear Care 101

Summer time and the living is easy…well for most.  For pet owners this is a time spent outdoors playing with their best bud, but for pet groomers this is a time of increased ear infections. Ear infections can be serious conditions for many people’s furry friends. Pet owners may not be knowledgeable enough to spot the signs that their pets are in distress. Make sure that your staff knows how to spot and help prevent ear infections in your client’s critters. 

Leave It To The Professionals  

As a professional in the pet service industry, it is your due diligence to make sure pet owners never handle an ear infection on their own. Although most ear infections are easy to treat, ignoring the situation could lead to broken blood vessels, damaged ear drums or irreversible damage in a pet’s ear. So when you come across an animal with an ear infection make sure that you have veterinarian referrals on hand that you can pass off to any pet owners in need. 

Look For The Signs

Pet owners usually have it pretty easy since dogs typically manage their own ear health.  Although many dogs may be as healthy as a horse, they might still be prone to ear infections.   Parasites, food allergies and foreign objects that build up in the ear all are common causes of infection. Swelling, discharge and foul odors are all symptoms that a dog has an ear infection.  While these are only a few symptoms, if a pet shows these signs you definitely need to get a closer look.  Analyzing the situation with a microscope is a pretty common way to diagnose the situation.  In extreme cases MRI’s, skin scraping and even biopsies can also be useful tactics to check for infection.

Prevention Is Key

Pet owners would be wise to get their animals annual ear exams to help minimize the risk of infection.  These checkups will make sure the ear drum is intact, find any bacteria and allow for the removal of any wax or build up.  However many owners may not have time for annual visits. If you notice a pup with ears that look in danger of getting infected, you can suggest owners follow a weekly ear cleaning schedule to minimize or prevent infection. You can go so far as to train pet owners in this at home care at the pup’s next grooming session. Advising owners to be cautious around pond water, puddles and water from a hose is important as well since these areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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SinglePlatform: How We Help You [VIDEO]

SinglePlatform is dedicated to helping local businesses succeed and get discovered everywhere that matters online. You know that your online presence is important and that your customers are looking for businesses like yours on sites like Yelp and Google. What you don’t know is where to start to improve your digital marketing. SinglePlatform can help with that. We’ve created the following video to show you the value that SinglePlatform can add to your local business by strengthening your online presence and attracting new customers.

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Your Small Business and Delivery Drivers

As the demand for food delivery drivers continues to increase, so do the costs associated with the fuel and maintenance of drivers’ transportation. The rise in costs for delivery drivers can result in hourly earnings that fall below minimum wage. Considering that drivers are owed any money paid out of pocket when on the job from their employer, small business owners shouldn’t assume that tips will offset their expenses.

It is recommended that drivers be compensated at the rate set by the Internal Revenue Service, which is 54 cents per mile. This compensation structure not only ensures that delivery drivers are making a fair wage but, also that small business owners are avoiding legal action by delivery drivers earning less than minimum wage. The extra funds allocated to your delivery drivers will ultimately prove to be more beneficial to business owners in the long run.

Pizza Hut learned this lesson the hard way in 2013. About 160 Texas Pizza Huts failed to reimburse adequately for personal automobile use. A driver, Steven Jackson, claimed he was paid 88 cents per delivery. After calculating all car-related expenses, his hourly wages resulted in a range of $1.48-$4.20 per hour. At this time, the Federal minimum wage rate was $7.25 per hour. If the company had reimbursed $0.45 per mile, he would have accrued a range of an additional $4.05 – $5.76 per hour and made minimum wage.

Besides meeting federal requirements, utilizing a reimbursement program for miles will increase driver retention rates. When employees feel taken care of by their employers, their satisfaction increases, decreasing your business’s turnover rate.

Understanding how to adequately compensate employees will ultimately help you avoid issues likes wage reimbursement. Small business owners deal with enough problems on a daily basis; there is no reason to worry about additional, avoidable issues.

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Portion Size and Restaurant Sales

It is no surprise that more and more people are becoming calorie conscious. With obesity becoming a major issue in the United States, restaurants need to re-evaluate how they prepare and serve their food to keep their customers. According to the National Restaurant Association, “Two out of every three American adults are now either overweight or obese.” Restaurants need to adjust, by offering healthy alternatives and smaller portions to keep their customers coming back.

More than 80 percent of dinners eat out once or more throughout the week. In order to keep that percentage high, restaurants have to modify their menu to accommodate all types of diners. Excluding fine dining establishments, everyday eateries should consider offering half portions and healthier options to keep people coming through the doors. Displaying nutritional information is a great way to attract customers who are concerned about eating healthfully.

Using smaller bowls and plates and taller, narrower glasses is a strategy that many dietitians recommend for curbing portions. Dietitians also recommend using more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to make plates look fuller and attractive without overdoing it.

With the FDA mandating that restaurant chains display their calorie information on all menus, portion sizing is bound to be affected. Dinners are taking the time to be informed about what they are choosing to put into their bodies and restaurants that want to stay competitive need to begin planning to meet these needs by allowing for increased transparency.

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