Small Business Saturday: How to Succeed [VIDEO]

Small Business Saturday is next week! If you’ve been keeping up with our series, we’ve already told you the importance of this day and how to start planning, but how can you best execute your plans? SinglePlatform is here to help. Check out this video for tips on how to best achieve your Small Business Saturday goals and start the holiday season off right:

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7 Step Checklist for Pet Groomers, Boarders, & Trainers this Small Business Saturday

Taking place the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a day that is dedicated to supporting small businesses by encouraging consumers to buy local. Started in 2010 by American Express and recognized nationally as a holiday in 2011, small business sales are projected to increase to $14.5 billion dollars on Small Business Saturday alone.

With more and more consumers participating in the holiday each year, how will your pet business take advantage to maximize sales?

Here are 7 tips that all pet groomers, boarders, and trainers can use to make the most of this year’s Small Business Saturday:

1. Be Competitive

What kinds of specials and deals will you offer to set your business apart from competitors? By being aware of the promotions other pet businesses are offering on Small Business Saturday, you allow your business the advantage of being prepared with deals and specials that are competitive with those around you.

2. Be Online

93% of people will research a business before visiting it, making it crucial that consumers can easily access your business across the web. Putting your business on social media in addition to having an updated website allows you to promote your specials and deals for Small Business Saturday on multiple platforms, connecting you with the largest audience possible.

3. Make It An Event

Entice people to use your business for all of their pet service needs by creating deals and specials that provide them with the best deal possible. For example, give customers that book appointments with you on Small Business Saturday discounts on items like treats and toys.


4. Excite Your Employees

Encourage employees to help by involving them with the planning process. By holding staff contests to name a unique grooming style or asking employees to put together a holiday playlist for pet owners and pets to groove to, you make this event as exciting for employees as it is for customers.

5. Extend Your Hours

By extending your business’ hours during Small Business Saturday, you allow your business the opportunity to maximize sales by attracting late night or early morning shoppers. Appealing to consumers’ busy schedules this holiday season will lead to greater customer satisfaction, and therefore, a greater likelihood of consumers using you for their pet service needs again in the future.

6. Announce Your Offerings

By sending emails to frequent customers or posting advertisements for Small Business Saturday on your social media pages, you increase awareness of the goods and services you offer to both regular and potential customers, making them more likely to visit your business on the day of the event.

7. Review Results and Thank You Notes!

Reflect on what your business did right or wrong this holiday season. Which areas did you succeed in and which ones have room for improvement? By asking for feedback from both employees and customers, you have the opportunity to make next year’s event even better. Showing appreciation for the customers who participated in the event by sending a thank you note also goes along way – it shows that your business values their overall experience.

For more tips and tricks on how to have the most successful Small Business Saturday event this year, check out our comprehensive eGuide here.

Small Business Saturday: How to Prep [VIDEO]

We’ve already outlined how Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for local businesses like yours to start of the holiday season strong in this video. Now, we’ve created the below video to help you generate a crowd for Small Business Saturday. Check out the steps you need to take to prep today:

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Amp Up Your Restaurant’s Brand with Printed Menus

Think the menus in your restaurant are just a list of menu items? Think again!

Your menu is often your restaurant’s first impression, from online listings to takeout menus, so it’s important to use it to your best advantage. SinglePlatform helps you keep an up-to-date online presence that includes menu content – but have you ever thought about the impression your paper menu makes? Learn how to make your menus as effective as possible for boosting your bottom line.

A Great Design

A well designed menu can speak highly of your atmosphere and add to your brand. Your restaurant’s theme can translate into a menu theme, with bright, warm colors for an inviting Mexican experience, to fine lines in black and white for a more formal dining feel. But you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do a great menu. Menu templates at MustHaveMenus allow restaurateurs to quickly find a beautiful menu design and customize as little or as much as they’d like. (You can also hire an in-house designer if you want an even more custom experience.)

The High Quality Effect

Coming up with a great design is one aspect of quality, but so is the paper that you print on and the quality of the print job. Is the paper sturdy or flimsy? Are your colors crisp and accurate? When you have a professionally printed menu on high quality paper, it is a subtle but powerful testament to your attention to detail, and the quality of your fare. Taking the time to reprint your menu regularly can make the all difference, and keeps your guests from receiving a neglected menu with wine stains and crinkles.

A Memorable Feeling

Just like the Kindle didn’t cause the extinction of paperback books, digital menus aren’t going to replace your paper menus. The tactile sensation of touch is a satisfying one, and high quality, thick paper can create a memorable impression. Recent studies also show that reading from a paper source, rather than a screen, can increase brand retention, and can also result in better comprehension and memory of material. Having something to bend and flip around is proving important for how our brains process information.

Upselling and Mobility

You always hope your customers will order more than just dinner; dessert menus, cocktail lists, and special menus can help you achieve just that.  Supplying different menus and menu cards can support the upsell of drinks, desserts, and other items. If it’s appropriate for your restaurant, keep a double-sided table tent on your tables, so that the option to pursue desserts doesn’t disappear with the dinner menu. Slide a card into your check presenters reminding guests of an upcoming event for more repeat business. Encourage guests to take a takeout menu on their way out the door.

Having a physical reminder of your restaurant is also an important aspect of takeout menus. Give your customers something to pin to their fridge or keep in a desk drawer and keep your restaurant at the forefront of their minds.

Need help getting a new menu designed and printed? MustHaveMenus lets you create, customize, and print your menu all online. Whip up a menu yourself or have us do it.

Small Business Saturday: What is it? [VIDEO]

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means it’s time for your local business to start gearing up for Small Business Saturday. Some of our customers either don’t know what Small Business Saturday is or assumed it was a day that only retail businesses could benefit from. SinglePlatform decided to clear things up. Watch the below video to learn more about what Small Business Saturday is and how it can impact your local business.

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Use Technology to Influence Diners’ Decisions

Diners have become extremely dependent on technology to research restaurants, book reservations and order online. 87% of consumers use the Internet to discover new restaurants, presenting restaurateurs a free and easy channel for attracting new diners. This also presents a time-consuming task of understanding consumer behavior; where, what, and how diners search for restaurants online. SinglePlatform provides diners with the information they’re looking for when they’re making a reservation online.

By understanding what information matters most to diners in their online quest for a new restaurant, you maximize your business’s potential for getting more customers through the door and increasing revenue.

Our friends at OpenTable recently conducted a survey of 6,000 consumers to learn how technology is used in dining decisions. We’ve compiled a short list of proven tips to help pull diners into your restaurant for their next night out:

Provide An Accurate and Up-to-Date Menu

86% of consumers check out a menu online before visiting a restaurant in person. An accurate, updated, and easily accessible online menu gives customers the information they’re looking for with the click of a button. It also guarantees diners that their expectations will be met.

Display Pictures of Your Restaurant and Various Dishes

Almost 60% of diners look for pictures of a restaurant and the dishes served when making a decision. Hiring a professional to snap a few pictures of the interior and dishes served goes a long way with diners.

Highlight Deals and Offers Your Restaurant is Having

Whether it’s weekly happy hour or a discounted rate for a holiday, half of diners rely on the web to research restaurant deals and offers. By updating your restaurant’s presence, and announcing deals and specials as they happen, you open the door (literally) for new customers to join you for their next meal.

The bottom line is, diners operate in a digital sphere, basing dining decisions off content found online.

Check out OpenTable’s Technology And Dining Out report here.

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Attract Customers to Your Gym Before New Years

November and December can be two of the hardest months to sell fitness packages and memberships during the year. Between holiday travel and the lure of cold weather hibernation, it can be difficult to motivate potential customers to get moving.  In January renewed New Year’s resolutions help to bring people through the doors but what are you to do until then? Check out these 3 ways to attract more clients through out the colder months.

1. Offer a Healthy Cookbook

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with the lower temperatures, families are coming together in the kitchen to give their ovens some lovin’. Not all of us are pros when it comes to whisking and chopping. Offer clients a cookbook of healthy and seasonal recipes that they can include on their holiday tables when they sign up for a membership. Not only does it sweeten the deal but, it shows your clients that you care about holistic health.

2. Boot Camp Packages

Veterans day is next week and there is no better time to run a patriotic promotion. Offer Book Camp packages to help people get in shape like our service men. Creating packages is a great way to motivate clients to keep coming in through out the slower months. The community that they will create during the recurring classes will keep them coming in all year long.

3. Give the Gift of Health

The holidays are right around the corner and November is a big month for holiday shopping. Gift cards for packages and memberships are a great way to boost sales at the end of the year. Putting a display of holiday cards out in the reception area of your fitness center will show people how nice a present a workout package can be. Offering a discount on their renewal if they buy a membership for a friend is a great way to encourage people to buy one for a friend.

With these three tips you can rest assured that you’ll see an uptick in sales during what could be your slowest months of the year. Make sure that potential customers can find you everywhere that matters online. Learn more about what SinglePlatform can do for you!