How to Effectively Communicate With Your Customers

Over 75% of consumers prefer to interact with local businesses digitally, as opposed to by phone, text, or traditional mail. Because quality customer service is a huge factor, it is vital to provide your customers what they want. Switch from traditional to digital communication, and make it easier for your customers to get the information they need, the way they want to be reached. Here are three ways to make the switch and satisfy your customers:

1. Be Social

Ditch face-to-face for Facebook because almost half of your consumers expect to engage with you on this social media platform. By updating your Facebook page periodically and inviting your customers to post about their experiences, you pave the way for successful online communication – something they expect you to facilitate.

2. Be Informative

84% of consumers say they want to receive helpful advice and tips from local businesses regarding products or services. Not only does the extra information benefit your customers, it makes your business seem more credible and trustworthy; prompting them to continue purchasing from you.

3. Be Responsible

According to Yodle, over 50% of consumers say they prefer email reminders for appointments and service updates. By keeping track of your customers’ appointments, you make their lives easier and make your business look better. Taking on the task of reminding your customers about their upcoming obligations shows you value their time and your quality of customer service.

By taking these steps to reach customers the way they want to be reached with the information they’re looking for, you promote your business’ reputation and customer service.

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Benefits of Online Transactions

Over 1/3 of consumers say that the ability to book a reservation or order online sets the restaurant apart from it’s competitors. Additionally, over a quarter of consumers expect a restaurant to allow them to book reservations or order online, according to a recent report by Yodle. Allowing online action buttons are important for a good customer experience and capturing more business.

New Customer Acquisition

Giving your customers the ability to book a reservation with the click of a button is essential in getting the most customers in the door; over 93% of consumers research a restaurant online before visiting it. When a consumer is able to book a reservation directly from your website, not only is it easier and more convenient for them, they’re also making a set plan to visit your restaurant – and purchase from you. Providing consumers with a seamless experience online and making it easy for them to dine at your restaurant increases the likelihood they will return to your restaurant in the future, which ultimately increases your restaurant’s sales and creates a loyal customer base.

Extend Customer Service to 24 Hours a Day

Say goodbye to frustrated customers: action buttons extend your restaurant’s customer service to 24 hours a day. Action buttons enable customers to book reservations or place orders online any time of the day, any day of the week. By lifting the limitations off customer access to your business, the potential for your business to increase sales and satisfy customers is limitless.

Increase Your Reservations and Drive Revenue

Businesses with verified menus and action buttons to place orders or book reservations online receive 73% more actions than businesses without verified menus. Not only did the service draw more customers, they also saw order values 76% higher in revenue compared to unverified listings.

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, diners crave instant gratification; by incorporating action buttons that allow your customers to place orders and book reservations within seconds, you unleash the possibilities for your customers’ satisfaction and your business’ success.

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Chances are, you’re already hosting a website for your small business. But with the number of mobile web viewers growing each year, it’s just as important for your site to perform great on mobile as it is on a PC. So how do you go about optimizing your current site for mobile? Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

1. Prioritize Content that Mobile Users Want

Take a look at your current site’s analytics to see which pages mobile users are visiting most. Once you’ve identified the most popular mobile content, you can adjust your site structure and design to help users find what they’re looking for more quickly.

2. Streamline Your Website Design for Better Mobile Usage

Mobile users want sites that load quickly, use simple navigation, and provide key information up front. Consider how you can adjust your current site (or, if building a separate mobile site, how you can rethink your existing content and organization) to be as simple and accessible as possible.

3. Test Mobile Performance

Review your site on every mobile device, operating system, and browser you can get your hands on. If you find something that doesn’t look or perform the way you expect, get it fixed. Anything that frustrates you will also frustrate your viewers—and unhappy viewers are unlikely to do business with you or recommend your business to others.

4. Keep Improving

As more users begin to interact with your mobile site, it’s important to monitor their activity and behavior so that you can continue to optimize your content. The needs of potential customers may change over time—and your site should change with them.

The Bottom Line

Putting your visitors first, whether in person or online, is the best way to land and retain new customers. Optimizing your site for mobile is just one way you can better serve consumers. Learn more about how SinglePlatform can help.

Best Practices for Facebook

Facebook is one of social media’s major players and needs to be a cornerstone of any successful social media strategy. Whether or not you are a Facebook newcomer or already have a strong following, these tips can help you build out a successful Facebook strategy and attract more customers today.

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3 Trends Your Fitness Business Should Know About in 2017

Every year, it seems, the number one resolution for the new year is to lose weight and eat better. Make sure your Fitness Center will be the most desirable place to make it happen by staying on top of the market trends in your industry. 

Here are three fitness industry trends looking to make it big in 2017: 

1. Wearable Technology

Apple, Garmin, and Fitbitswearable fitness technologies were popular gifts this holiday season and these gadgets have staying power. Take advantage of the fitness trackers on the market and offer incentives for your customers: the customer who has the most steps each month gets their next month free. You can also become a carrier for your favorite brand and offer free tutorials on how customers can best use their technology. Your customers will thank you for your expertise and you might find that their Christmas gifts can make their resolutions sustainable—and your business the place to sustain them. 

2. Personal Trainers

No matter what’s on their wrist, nothing will hold them accountable like a personal trainer—and the personal training industry is supposed to grow by 8% come 2024. Personal trainers are becoming more knowledgeable and are undergoing more rigorous accreditation plans, so make sure you have a team of in-house trainers that are up to snuff. By investing in your trainers, your customers will have access to the know-how to get results and feel safe in a professionals hands. 

3. Body Weight Training 

People want to be able to work out easily—even when they don’t have access to the proper equipment. One of the hottest new trends is the idea of getting back to the basics with body weight training. That’s right—sit-ups, push ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups. The thing is, in order to be able to train effectively, people have to know what they’re doing. Jump on the trend and offer some classes in body weight training. 

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4 Trends Your Salon Should Know About in 2017

It’s that time again—new beginnings. As people are jumping into the new year full-force, make sure your spa or salon is ready to help them feel renewed with the trends that are set to take off in 2017. 

Here are four trends your business can take advantage of in the new year: 

1. Personalization

Consumers want unique experiences that feel made for them. If your spa or salon can’t sustain personalizing every experience—don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can, however, house a wide variety of high-quality products that allow you to cater to the needs of any customer who might walk through your door. Make sure your employees are educated on the products that you sell and offer a free beauty and wellness consultation for every first-time customer. If you make your customers feel understood and taken care of, you can turn any first-time customer into a loyal one. 

2. Back to Nature & Escaping Technology

In the onslaught of the digital age, your customers will be looking for an escape. Not only does keeping indoor plants have benefits you can pass on to your customers, but it will make your spa or salon feel like the oasis your customers are looking for. Go one step further and partner with a local meditation center to offer a retreat into nature. If that’s not possible, simply offer lockers for your customers digital belonging so they can disconnect upon arrival. 

3. Spas for Kids

Spas for kids are becoming more and more popular. Jump on the craze by creating some packages specifically designed for kids. Turn them into group packages on days where you tend to be slower and you just might find that a little kid-care is the right choice for your spa or salon. 

4. Wine Therapy

Grapes are a wonderful source of antioxidants and the health benefits of wine have moved beyond the bottle and into spas. Add an ultra-luxurious wine facial or red-wine bath to your offerings and you just might dip into a whole new clientele base—one that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear. 

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Social Media and Your Business

Social Media: You know it’s important for your business and we’ve talked about it before but so many of your are still struggling with getting your social strategies off the ground. New year, new marketing! Learn how important social can be for your business.

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