The Rise of Veganism

Veganism is here to stay—there’s no denying it anymore. It’s no longer a peripheral eating habit misunderstood by the mainstream. Alongside sustainability and waste-less living, veganism is being welcomed across a number of markets.

In fact, media, at least of the social variety, has become an ally for the lifestyle trend. Toss in access to new information on its health benefits and the realities of the global impact of the meat industry and more and more people are starting to take adopting a plant-based diet seriously—whether or not they’re willing to give up their meat consumption entirely. Veganism is on the rise in almost every western country and, in a recent study in Britain, data revealed that there has been a 350% increase in the last ten years and it’s particularly popular with people under the age of 34.

Veganism has also found its way out of homes and into the culinary world—even though some chefs like Aaron Adams still avoid the negative connotations of the word. “We like to present [our] restaurant as more vegetable-forward, rather than freak people out by calling things vegan. I’m not going to scare people or yell at people for eating meat. I just try to help our guests experience other ways to eat using completely local and seasonal produce,” he says. More and more restaurants are adding more vegan-friendly, if not becoming entirely so.

As public perception shifts, with celebrities and athletes becoming more vocal about their endorsements, our knowledge-base grows, and access to proper ingredients and dining options become easier, veganism, and all of the markets that it touches, are going to continue to steadily rise. The success of restaurants catering to plant based diets and a vegan lifestyle are posed to rise along with this trend. Cash in on this trend by updating your menu today.

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