Helping Your Clients Change with Motivational Interviewing

Quality fitness professionals need to be able to inspire behavioral change in their clients. Change is often difficult for clients to maintain because habits are hard to break and short-term rewards can be more enticing than long-term gains. Fitness professionals should consider adopting Motivational Interviewing techniques to help clients make lasting change.

Motivational interviewing is a communication technique that was pioneered by psychologists hoping to help those who suffer with addictions over come their self-destructive behavior. Overtime, motivational interviewing has been applied to help people make all kinds of positive behavioral changes including in regards to fitness.

Motivational interviewing depends on the communication skills OARS:

Open-Ended Questions

Asking your client open-ended questions ensures that the focus of the session is on their specific needs. These questions will help your client come to their own conclusions about their fitness and make them feel more committed to the goals that they set themselves.


Using positive affirmations of your clients’ strengths and attributes help them to build confidence. Believing that change is possible is a major hurtle to many clients’ progress. The most effective affirmations are focused on the client such as “You can do this” as opposed to “I think you can do this.”


When listening to your clients’ answers to your open-ended questions, you should be practicing your reflective listening skills. By repeating back to your client your interpretation of their answers you are helping them fully understand the nuances of their situation themselves.


Summarizing is similar to reflections. At the end of your session, summarize what has been discussed to make sure that you and your client are on the same page. This is a good time to recap your client’s goals and what motivates them to reach those goals. Keeping the focus on the long-term benefits helps clients stay committed to change.

Training your staff on these techniques will help to keep clients more engaged with their fitness goals. A more engaged clientele will not only stay customers longer but will also inspire word of mouth referrals.

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3 Trends Your Fitness Business Should Know About in 2017

Every year, it seems, the number one resolution for the new year is to lose weight and eat better. Make sure your Fitness Center will be the most desirable place to make it happen by staying on top of the market trends in your industry. 

Here are three fitness industry trends looking to make it big in 2017: 

1. Wearable Technology

Apple, Garmin, and Fitbitswearable fitness technologies were popular gifts this holiday season and these gadgets have staying power. Take advantage of the fitness trackers on the market and offer incentives for your customers: the customer who has the most steps each month gets their next month free. You can also become a carrier for your favorite brand and offer free tutorials on how customers can best use their technology. Your customers will thank you for your expertise and you might find that their Christmas gifts can make their resolutions sustainable—and your business the place to sustain them. 

2. Personal Trainers

No matter what’s on their wrist, nothing will hold them accountable like a personal trainer—and the personal training industry is supposed to grow by 8% come 2024. Personal trainers are becoming more knowledgeable and are undergoing more rigorous accreditation plans, so make sure you have a team of in-house trainers that are up to snuff. By investing in your trainers, your customers will have access to the know-how to get results and feel safe in a professionals hands. 

3. Body Weight Training 

People want to be able to work out easily—even when they don’t have access to the proper equipment. One of the hottest new trends is the idea of getting back to the basics with body weight training. That’s right—sit-ups, push ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups. The thing is, in order to be able to train effectively, people have to know what they’re doing. Jump on the trend and offer some classes in body weight training. 

Take advantage of these three trends in the fitness industry and your start to 2017 will be looking exactly the way you dreamed. Learn more about how SinglePlatform can help your Fitness Center get discovered by new customers.

4 Smart Ways Your Fitness Center to Give Back This Holiday Season

You’ve introduced some cool new technology, waves of new people are signing up for memberships earlier than expected, sales are up, and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s time for your Fitness Center to spread some cheer and give back this holiday season. 

Charity work doesn’t just create good karma for your business. It often leads to opportunities and connections that can help your business profit in the long-run. 

Here are five easy ways your fitness center can give back:

1. Run for Charity

There are so many runs for charity out there. Pick a cause that’s close to your heart and rally your employees and clients together to race, raise money, and raise awareness. Invest in some personalized racing gear for your business and see how many races your team can complete in one year. You’ll be creating goodwill and good PR for your company, building camaraderie with your staff, introducing your business to new people, and your customers will love that they’re supporting a company that supports others. 

2. Sponsor A Community Team

Many schools have faced budget cuts that have caused them to make some hard decisions in regards to their extracurricular offerings for their students. That’s where your fitness center or gym comes in. Your gym can sponsor a team in your community that needs the funds. Not only can you put your branding on their uniforms for some increased exposure but you are also helping to instill a love of physical activity in the youth. 

3. Sell Gear for a Good Cause

If your fitness center offers gear like tee shirts and headbands, consider adding in some merchandise from your favorite charities. Livestrong bracelets and water bottles are good choices for your active clients. A percentage of these sales will benefit a good cause and it will also be an 

4. Collect and Donate Gear

Organizations like Nike Reuse-a-Shoe collect old running shoes and recycle the materials to make running tracks, athletic courts, and playgrounds. Others donate them to kids around the world without shoes, like Soles4Souls. Whatever the cause, your customers will appreciate the ability to pay-it-forward. After donating, they might also be on the look-out for some new gear. Offer discounts to anyone who donates clothes and your athletic gear will be flying off your shelves while encouraging sustainable and charitable causes. 

No matter what way your fitness center chooses to give back, you can do it with peace of mind knowing that you’re creating a positive impact on the world and on your business. Get more tips and tricks for running your fitness center sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter below:

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Attract Customers to Your Gym Before New Years

November and December can be two of the hardest months to sell fitness packages and memberships during the year. Between holiday travel and the lure of cold weather hibernation, it can be difficult to motivate potential customers to get moving.  In January renewed New Year’s resolutions help to bring people through the doors but what are you to do until then? Check out these 3 ways to attract more clients through out the colder months.

1. Offer a Healthy Cookbook

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with the lower temperatures, families are coming together in the kitchen to give their ovens some lovin’. Not all of us are pros when it comes to whisking and chopping. Offer clients a cookbook of healthy and seasonal recipes that they can include on their holiday tables when they sign up for a membership. Not only does it sweeten the deal but, it shows your clients that you care about holistic health.

2. Boot Camp Packages

Veterans day is next week and there is no better time to run a patriotic promotion. Offer Book Camp packages to help people get in shape like our service men. Creating packages is a great way to motivate clients to keep coming in through out the slower months. The community that they will create during the recurring classes will keep them coming in all year long.

3. Give the Gift of Health

The holidays are right around the corner and November is a big month for holiday shopping. Gift cards for packages and memberships are a great way to boost sales at the end of the year. Putting a display of holiday cards out in the reception area of your fitness center will show people how nice a present a workout package can be. Offering a discount on their renewal if they buy a membership for a friend is a great way to encourage people to buy one for a friend.

With these three tips you can rest assured that you’ll see an uptick in sales during what could be your slowest months of the year. Make sure that potential customers can find you everywhere that matters online. Learn more about what SinglePlatform can do for you!


Make your Gym Friendly to Seniors

The baby boomers are approaching their golden years, which will significantly change the role that the elderly play in our country. In fact, the 85-and-older population is projected to increase 351 percent between 2010 and 2050. The increasing numbers of this population creates an opportunity for savvy fitness professionals. Use these tips to make your gym friendlier to seniors.

Tailor Routines to Your Clients

Offer educational opportunities that will help older clients reach their specific goals. In your later years your clients may not have the same fitness motivations as their counterparts. Make sure you know what those goal are, sometimes things as simple as being able to stand up and sit down unassisted, and provide classes or training sessions that will focus on those fitness milestones. Offering a Par-Q test will help determine client’s readiness for a particular activity.

Focus on The Warm Up

Offering a mini-session to warm up muscles and joints before jumping straight into exercise is a great way to support a smooth workout.  These classes can be helpful for older customers whose bodies cannot rebound from a strained muscle as quickly as your younger clients.  This time can also be used to monitor clients and make sure they are not experiencing any discomfort

Strength and Aerobic Training

Aerobic and strength training at a moderate level can be great ways to increase physical health of your clients. Offering aerobic and strength training can increase the body’s range of motion which helps balance and reduces fluidity to joints.  Since muscle strength progressively declines after the age of 50, all weight and cardio training should be done with lighter weights.  Taking the time to find a comfortable level for your clients is important and weight should be increased as their muscles gain strength.

Offering classes tailored to an older generation can help improve your client’s quality of life and will also help you to expand and diversify your customer base.  Sign up for our newsletter to learn about more ways to help grow your fitness business:

Let Your Clients Train like an Olympian

The Summer 2016 Olympic Games took place in Rio de Janeiro earlier this month and millions of people all over the world watched the most talented athletes compete for their countries. Olympic athletes exemplify hard work, determination, passion, and discipline. Olympians are great examples and role models to inspire anyone who has fitness goals that they are trying to reach. Here are a few classes that your gym or fitness center can implement so your clients can feel like an Olympian.


Boxing is a great workout that provides a combination of strengthening the upper-body, developing stronger hand-eye coordination, and balancing body composition. This workout also provides a strong level of self-confidence as USA Olympic Boxer, Claressa Sheilds, discusses. Boxing is a great training session to suggest to athletes in your gym who are working on raising their self-confidence, along with developing a strict routine in their daily lives just like an Olympian.

Indoor Rowing

While it might be difficult for many people to actually get out on the water like the olympians, that’s not the only way to try rowing. Indoor rowing has become the hot new trend for fitness studios in 2016. Indoor rowing can improve posture, cardio endurance, and strengthens the entire body. Consider adding more rowing machines to your gyms to your machine and offer a group rowing class. With your trainer as the coxswain, you clients will feel like Olympians in no time. 


Not many people could ride a bike for 250 km like they do in the Olympics but that doesn’t mean cycling isn’t a great way for your clients to get their blood pumping. Offering cycling at your studio provides athletes with leg strength training and cardiovascular endurance. As a low-impact exercise, an athlete’s knees and hips are strengthened without the stress caused by impact that occurs in exercises like running. 

While most of your clients will never become an Olympian, you can still give them the chance to feel like they are a part of the games. For more helpful tips to run your fitness center, follow SinglePlatform on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


How to Boost Sales at Your Fitness Center this Fall

As the leaves change and the days become shorter, health-conscious consumers need to find an alternative to exercising outside. The two busiest times of the year for new gym memberships take place right after New Year’s and when the summer concludes. Follow these three easy steps to make the most out of the fall season.

Prioritize Parents’ Schedules

Back-to-school season means parents are getting up earlier to get their kids in class by the bell. Make sure that you have fitness classes and business hours that accommodate these early starts so that parents can still get their morning workout in. Offering childcare during after-school hours is a great way to encourage parents to stop in on their way home after 3 o’clock dismissal. 

Target Teams

Fall means the return of football and high school sports. Make sure that your business is involved in getting your community teams to the championships. Offer team discounts for training outside of their regular practices. Also partner with local recreational sports leagues to give people the extra edge in their fall softball games. 

Climate Change

As the weather begins to change, people can no longer take advantage of exercising outside. Give those clients a way to practice their favorite outdoor activities inside. Offer indoor swimming classes or offer a video of nature for outdoors lovers to watch as they run on the treadmill. These small touches will resonate with athletes who are missing the sunshine of summer. 

Follow these three tips to help ensure new customers walk through the doors this fall. For more tips on the fitness industry, follow SinglePlatform on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook