Activity Trackers and Your Fitness Center

The idea of activity trackers is far from new. Leonardo DaVinci wrote about trying to create a pedometer as early as the 15th century, but today’s activity trackers are far more sophisticated that DaVinci could have ever expected. Learn more about how you can incorporate this new tech into your fitness business.

Fitness band allow users to track and measure their metrics throughout the day. While these devices range in price starting at around $50, the amount of features incorporated varies from device to device. The Fit Bit is a popular brand that allows its users to track metrics like calories burned, stationary time, sleep activity and other essential metrics. Withings Go is a more economical alternative that tracks basic metrics like steps and distance.  

While each band offers their own unique features, the information gathered by the trackers can help your clients stay in line with their goals.  Using an activity tracker allows your clients to monitor all of their activity, to have a more comprehensive view of their fitness.  Wearing the band can also act as subconscious reminder to stay active.

Although these devices accurately read most activity, there are still circumstances where these devices can fail or be harmful to a client’s health.  Complex movements and quick steps tend to affect the accuracy of the activity tracker.  Since these monitors are generally worn on the wrist of the user, the measurements become skewed because less arm movement is being made.  The same holds true when measuring the amount of energy expended. 

Activity trackers can only track activity, so these wearable pieces of tech should not be consider to measure a person’s overall health. While being diligent with one’s workouts is important, fitness professionals should make sure that their clients are also focusing on fitness goals that trackers can’t measure like increased energy and better moods. 

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3 Tips for Fitness Professionals Training Diabetic Clients

As a fitness professional, it’s very rewarding to see the progress your clients make in their training with your gym or fitness studio. However, training a client with a chronic illness like diabetes can be a difficult transition for a fitness professional.  Check out these three tips that you or your staff can use to make your gym or fitness studio friendly to any clients with diabetes.

1. Understand The Disease

According to Idea Fit, there are 20.8 million people that suffer with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes in 2016. Type 1 Diabetes is a condition where a person’s body produces little to no insulin in the pancreas. Type 2 Diabetes affects the way the body produces glucose. Exercise helps control glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity for Type 2 diabetic clients. Improved cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure, and improved muscular strength and endurance are also benefits from daily exercise that can be important for those who have diabetes.

Educating your staff on the specific needs of clients with diabetes, it will be easier to create effective and safe strength and conditioning programs for those clients. Rest periods will be imperative for your diabetic clients and these can differ from your regular clients. Make sure that you are planning accordingly to their needs.

2. Be Prepared

Not only is physical activity important for athletes with diabetes, but also nutrition plays just as big of a role. Men’s Fitness pointed out some symptoms that can occur for an athlete while training that can indicate an issue with their nutrition including shakiness, mood swings, and numbness in the body. If a client experiences these symptoms during a session, make sure you have the proper foods and drinks on site to help regulate their blood sugar level. Carbohydrates, candy, soda, and fruit juice are among some of the items that fit into that category.

3. Have a Positive Mental Attitude

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone but for clients with a chronic disease like diabetes, this can be overwhelming. To help your client overcome their fears and have a healthier lifestyle, you need to be supportive and have a positive mental attitude. You and your staff should try to incorporate positive feedback into your sessions to encourage people to continue on their journeys to a healthier life. 

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4 Tips for Your Fitness Center This July

July is a month known for fun in the sun and outdoor activities and fitness centers across the nation need to focus on getting people away from the park and back into the gym. With summer in full swing, check out these four keys ways to boost attendance rates and satisfy customers. 

1.  Focus on Training

An estimated 15 million people participated in outdoor recreational leagues in 2015, a number that increased from 2014. As the popularity of outdoor sports increase, entice summer athletes to work out with your gym by offering them memberships at a discounted rate during the summer months. 

2.  Combat Rising Temperatures

Don’t let your customers sweat through the sweltering heat. Advertise your air-conditioned facilities or pool and entice them with complimentary refreshments before, during, and after their exercises. Whether it’s free bottled water or smoothies offered at half price, use the weather to your advantage to attract and expand your customer base.

3.  Pair Up for the Total Package

Partner up with local daycares and day camps during the month of July and offer child-friendly activities to encourage kids to get active this summer. By partnering up and promoting the welfare of children at these organizations, you provide your gym the opportunity to simultaneously attract their parents to become members with your gym as well.

4. Special Events

Show appreciation for both your members and the season by hosting special events and themed parties that celebrate the summer months. By offering complimentary in-season fruits and vegetables or bringing in certified nutritionists to speak with members about new summer recipes, you give your members free resources to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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The Rise of CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness trend that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Started by California Native & Gymnast Greg Glassman in 2000, CrossFit has now become a worldwide phenomenon in the fitness industry. According to a report by Tabata Times, CrossFit has grown from just under 100 gyms in the early 2000s to an outstanding 5000 gyms worldwide in 2012. The fitness trend has become a popular sport with CrossFit diehards competing competitions like the CrossFit Open Games. Check out a few reasons why CrossFit is doing so well.

1. Effective

According to Forbes, CrossFit’s brand generates nearly $4 billion in annual revenue. CrossFit involves a high intensity intermittent-training (HIIT) workout that provides cardio and strength training simultaneously thorough many reps in a small given time frame. According to the US National Library of Medicine, workouts that incorporate high intensity interval training burn nine times the fat than moderate workouts. CrossFit is an effective training method for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to meet their goals. 

2. More Than a Workout

CrossFit is more than a gym membership and workout regime. According to Statistic Brain, 67% of the people with gym membership don’t use their membership. CrossFit enthusiasts are more dedicated to their gyms (commonly referred to as boxes in the CrossFit community) because the most successful gyms emphasize community. Many successful boxes have incorporated mentoring systems, local charity fundraisers, and small classes sizes to increase the social component to their highly effective workouts. This keeps customers engaged and coming back. 

3. Strong Branding

CrossFit, Inc releases its instructional videos and workouts of the day on Youtube, creating content that is easily shared and easily consumed by the millions of viewers on the Internet. This not only expands their reach online but it also boosts brand recognition. Other marketing initiatives like CrossFit competitions have helped to make CrossFit well known. The more content your gym or fitness center has online helps perspective customers discover you. 

Some gym owners may want to look into becoming a CrossFit affiliate. There is a $3000 annual fee for gyms to be a CrossFit affiliate with an additional $1000 training seminar for your staff. Whether or not your gym wants to take the plunge and become an official CrossFit box, all fitness professionals can learn from the CrossFit business model. An effective product, a strong community and strategic marketing is a recipe for success. Want to learn more about marketing your gym and fitness center? Check out SinglePlatform on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. For updates sent directly to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter below. 

3 Tips for Your Gym to Increase Sales This Summer

One out of five Americans has a gym membership, but gym and fitness center owners want that number to increase. With summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time for gym owners to target customers looking to break their winter hibernation. More sunlight means more energy for hitting the gym or a Zumba class.  These three tips will help you capitalize on this time of year and increase your membership sales.

1. Select a Niche Market
Many companies are hoping to target millennials as the cohort makes up 25% of the population  and could provide revenue for decades to come. While millennials have more buying power now than ever before—estimated at over a trillion dollars—simply  targeting millennials is not enough.  Millennials are a diverse group of consumers with different wants and needs. Make sure you’re targeting a specific subset of this population. Tailoring your approach will allow you to better speak to your core customer-base instead of speaking vaguely to a broader market. 

2. Be Unique
Currently in the United States, there are over 30,000 fitness centers which means there are many different options for people to choose from. Make sure your fitness center stands out amongst the competition in your area. If most of the fitness centers near you have annual memberships, try a commitment free memberships. Offer classes that are new or hard to find. Specials events geared toward your niche market will help you cultivate customer loyalty amongst your client base. 

3. Create an Offer with Urgency
People love promotions, and if done properly, promotions can mean big money for your fitness center. By offering prospective clients a deal, they will feel more inclined to sign up for your gym, especially if they feel this offer is only available for a limited time. Offering people a free five-day trial will help you get prospective customers in the door. Once the customer comes in, they’ll be more likely to commit to signing up for a membership. 

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Get Your Sales in Shape This Spring Break Season

41.9% of people said their New Year’s resolution was to lead a healthier lifestyle, and 39.6% of people said it was to lose weight. As commitments to those New Year’s resolutions start to falter, your gym needs to jump-start your customers’ motivation by enticing them with spring break specials. 

Ensure your gym or fitness center not only retains current customers but also attracts new ones with these three tips:

1. Specialize in Spring Break

By offering your current and prospective clients deals and specials, they will have no excuse to avoid getting in shape. Entice customers with discounted membership rates or personal training packages that can be customized to fit their needs, and see your sales skyrocket.

2. Commence The Competition

Set your gym or fitness center apart from your competitors by hosting a competition amongst your customers to motivate them to get moving. Set the bar high and give a worthy prize; whoever has the strongest attendance record, increases their one-rep max the most, or decreases their mile pace the most wins a cash prize or vacation for two. By upping the fitness ante, you motivate your clients to visit your gym more often, boosting member retention and membership renewal.

3. Lure with a Loyalty Program

Encourage your customers to commit to fitness by offering a loyalty program. For every visit to the gym, they earn a certain amount of points to be later redeemed for prizes, discounts on memberships, or free personal training sessions. Offering incentives to your clients ultimately motivates them to work out with your fitness center and minimizes the competition between you and your competitors. 

By implementing these suggestions into your gym or fitness center’s marketing strategies, you invite both current and prospective customers to feel their best with help from your business.

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5 Fitness Industry Trends for 2016

The fitness industry is never at a standstill and 2016 is no different. In an ever-changing field, gym and fitness studio owners need to stay on top of the shifting demands and latest developments within the fitness industry. These are the six trends to take advantage of in 2016:

1.    Partner with Public Organizations

Considering the obesity epidemic, fitness professionals have a prime opportunity to reach new customers by partnering with public organizations. The American Council of Exercise notes that a prime partnership would be between your fitness studio and a local school. Take the opportunity to cultivate the public’s knowledge of health and in turn you are creating potential lifetime fitness lovers. 

2.    Publish Fitness Content Online

The gym can be an intimidating place for new customers who may not have a strong knowledge of fitness routines and could be overwhelmed by the various machines and classes you have to offer. Providing online content such as mini-workouts or fitness tips and tricks will help new customers feel more comfortable and prepared to take steps to meet their fitness goals. Providing detailed descriptions of your classes or services that describe the experience level and what to expect can also calm nerves of new customers. Voila — new clients!

3.    Provide Functional Fitness Options for Older Clients

The Baby Boomers are hitting their golden years, causing a shift in the fitness industry according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016. To capitalize on this demographic, fitness studios and gym owners should try to incorporate functional fitness for their older clientele. These customers are not looking for six packs, but rather increased strength, balance, and endurance to help them perform daily activities with ease well into their later years. 

4.    Offer Wellness Coaching

Health extends far beyond physical fitness to factors like mindfulness, nutrition, and relaxation. As these aspects of health gain momentum in popular culture, fitness professionals should consider how to address these areas for their clients. Consider adding services that take a more holistic approach to health such as guided meditations or tips on how to eat well before and after your workout. 

5.    Embrace Body Diversity

The National Federation of Professional Trainers notes that 2016 will be the year for the fitness industry to embrace all body types. Bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. All of those bodies deserve to be taken care of with love and exercise. As a gym or fitness studio owner, making your business friendly to people of all fitness backgrounds provides you with a significantly larger pool of potential customers. Creating this welcoming atmosphere can also improve retention with your current clients as well. 

Overall, the fitness industry is growing and changing due to cultural and technological changes in our society. As small business owners, it’s important for you to keep pace. Check out how SinglePlatform can help you stand out everywhere that matters