4 Helpful Ways Your Pet Service Business Can Give Back This Holiday Season

You’re up on the trends, your online business is booming, Halloween was a huge success, and the rest of the holidays are right around the corner. It might be time for your Pet Service business to spread the cheer and give back this holiday season. 

Involving your business in charity isn’t just an investment in others. Giving back can lead to PR opportunities, upswings in employee morale, and new connections with other businesses and local leaders that benefit your business in the long-run. 

Here are four easy ways your pet service business can give back this holiday season:

1. Partner With a Local Adoption Center

No matter where your business is, there’s sure to be a shelter nearby with animals waiting to be adopted. You and your employees can partner with your local adoption center to help find pets permanent homes. Incentivize people to adopt with coupons to your business—that way people will be even more excited about the new addition to their family and your business will be their first choice for purchasing all their pet necessities. 

2. Pet-Therapy 

Chances are you and your employees are pet lovers and have pets of your own. If that’s the case, you can screen your pets to see if they can be used as therapy animals through organizations like Pet Partners. With a team of registered therapy animals, you can take them around to any number of local causes, spread the love, spread the healing, and spread awareness of your business. 

3. Do a Charity Walk with Your Pets

There are so many charity walks out there supporting amazing causes, but there are also walks specific for pets like Strut your Mutt. No matter what cause you choose, your animals can come with you, so pick a cause that’s close to your heart and rally your employees together to raise money and awareness while you walk. Print some team t-shirts and deck your pets out in some swag from your business and you’ll be creating goodwill for your company, building camaraderie with your staff, and introducing your business to new people—with your pets as the star models. 

4. Donate to Charity Once a Week

Plan a day of the week where your business gives back by donating a portion of its proceeds to charity. This allows you and your employees to choose any charity that is close to your hearts, and having passion for your cause makes all the difference when asking others to support you. If you plan it on a day of the week where business is typically slower, you might be surprised at how much business can pick up.  

Giving back with your Pet Service business can be both heart-warming and profitable. Follow any of these ways your business can give back this holiday season and you’ll be able to see the benefits for yourself. Get more helpful tips and tricks for growing your Pet Service business sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter below:

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7 Step Checklist for Pet Groomers, Boarders, & Trainers this Small Business Saturday

Taking place the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a day that is dedicated to supporting small businesses by encouraging consumers to buy local. Started in 2010 by American Express and recognized nationally as a holiday in 2011, small business sales are projected to increase to $14.5 billion dollars on Small Business Saturday alone.

With more and more consumers participating in the holiday each year, how will your pet business take advantage to maximize sales?

Here are 7 tips that all pet groomers, boarders, and trainers can use to make the most of this year’s Small Business Saturday:

1. Be Competitive

What kinds of specials and deals will you offer to set your business apart from competitors? By being aware of the promotions other pet businesses are offering on Small Business Saturday, you allow your business the advantage of being prepared with deals and specials that are competitive with those around you.

2. Be Online

93% of people will research a business before visiting it, making it crucial that consumers can easily access your business across the web. Putting your business on social media in addition to having an updated website allows you to promote your specials and deals for Small Business Saturday on multiple platforms, connecting you with the largest audience possible.

3. Make It An Event

Entice people to use your business for all of their pet service needs by creating deals and specials that provide them with the best deal possible. For example, give customers that book appointments with you on Small Business Saturday discounts on items like treats and toys.


4. Excite Your Employees

Encourage employees to help by involving them with the planning process. By holding staff contests to name a unique grooming style or asking employees to put together a holiday playlist for pet owners and pets to groove to, you make this event as exciting for employees as it is for customers.

5. Extend Your Hours

By extending your business’ hours during Small Business Saturday, you allow your business the opportunity to maximize sales by attracting late night or early morning shoppers. Appealing to consumers’ busy schedules this holiday season will lead to greater customer satisfaction, and therefore, a greater likelihood of consumers using you for their pet service needs again in the future.

6. Announce Your Offerings

By sending emails to frequent customers or posting advertisements for Small Business Saturday on your social media pages, you increase awareness of the goods and services you offer to both regular and potential customers, making them more likely to visit your business on the day of the event.

7. Review Results and Thank You Notes!

Reflect on what your business did right or wrong this holiday season. Which areas did you succeed in and which ones have room for improvement? By asking for feedback from both employees and customers, you have the opportunity to make next year’s event even better. Showing appreciation for the customers who participated in the event by sending a thank you note also goes along way – it shows that your business values their overall experience.

For more tips and tricks on how to have the most successful Small Business Saturday event this year, check out our comprehensive eGuide here.

Boost Your Pet Grooming Business this Halloween

Halloween is only a few weeks away and that means there is one thing on everyone’s minds: costumes! While traditionally Halloween is a holiday focused on children getting dressed up in costumes and adults dolling out sweets, recently more and more furry friends have been getting in on the holiday action. Pet groomers should seize this opportunity by following these Halloween tips.

Costume Specials

Whether you offer crazy fur-dying options or more subtle cuts and trims, Halloween is a time when pet owners want to make sure that their pets are looking their best. Start offering creative grooming to go along with pup’s costumes, such as geometrics trims or bright dye jobs.

Discounts on Parade Day

Many cities and towns have started hosting their own Halloween parades for our furry friends. Does your town have one? If so, this is a great time to reach new customers. Pass out coupons to puppy parents on parade day and watch the new customers roll in.

Host a Pet Party

If there are no pet parades in your town, all is not lost. You can host your own! Having a Halloween–themed party for your clients and the furballs of your town gives pet owners a great excuse to get their critters dressed up for the holiday. While they’re in your store, this is an opportunity to inspire some loyalty. Hand out coupons or loyalty cards.

Halloween is more than just trick or treating and if you get creative it’s a perfect time of year to boost your pet grooming business. Want more tips and tricks to make your business more successful? Sign up for our newsletter today!

4 Pet Industry Trends for 2016

The pet services industry has been a growing juggernaut over the past few years with many experts referring to the industry as recession-proof. In a growing industry, it’s important for pet service providers to stay on top of the ever-changing needs of pet owners. Here are four major trends to watch for in 2016:

1.    Pet Industry Entrepreneurs

With the immense growth in this industry over the past few years, entrepreneurs have been drawn to the field hoping to capitalize on the influx of capital and the ever-growing demand. Now that 62% of households own pets, the field is ripe for innovation. It’s important for small business owners in the industry to keep an eye on the expanding market of services and products available for all kinds of critters. 

2.    High-Income Pet Owners

The more discretionary income a household has, the more money that can be spent on pets. High-income pet owners are estimated to make up 60% of all spending in the pets sector. Pet service providers should consider adding services that cater to high-income earners. Adding luxury services or upsell options might be a good bet with these customers.  

3.    Needs of Aging Pets

Older pets require more care. In January of 2015, 39% of dog owners and 43% of cat owners cared of elderly pets. While these animals might not require as much stimulation as a puppy, they do have their own unique needs. A dog walker who has training in administering medication while a pet owner is at work could be a new need for many pet owners who want to care for their aging furry friends in the best way they can.

4.    Pets as Children

Pets are becoming a more integral part of the family than they have ever been. People’s perception of pets have shifted from man’s best friend to man’s surrogate child. Pets are now most popular amongst couples with adult children, unmarried professionals, and childless couples. These groups have resources to spend on their pets and enough time to care for them. Consider this shift in attitudes when communicating with pet owners. Illustrate that you understand your customers and you take the care of their pets as seriously as they do.

The pet industry continues to grow and change at a staggering pace. For small business owners, keeping up with industry news and trends can be overwhelming, especially in a time when technology is dramatically changing the way, consumers connect with services. SinglePlatform is here to help. Check out the ways we are helping businesses like yours stand out everywhere that matters.  




Pet Services are Booming

Between Millennials delaying marriage and Baby Boomers facing empty nests, Americans have a lot of love to give and pets are increasingly becoming the recipients. As pet ownership is on the rise, that means that pet service professionals like, dog walkers, pet boarders, and pet groomers, all have an opportunity to grow with the expanding marketplace. Check out the below infographic on how the industry had changed:

SinglePlatform helps pet service businesses like yours stand out amongst the competition and get chosen by customers. Learn more about how we can help you. 


3 Ways to Boost Your Grooming Business Online

This year the pet grooming industry earned nearly 7 billion dollars which means this is the perfect time to expand your business. A strong first step to boost business is to give your customers additional ways to book appointments. While phone appointments and walk-ins are great, the added convenience of online booking will be sure to increase bookings and profits.


Booker is an online tool that allows customers to book appointments from their computer or smartphone in real time. Not only does booker integrate with your website but it also allows customers to book with your business on top review sites like Yelp. Business owners can customize, manage and accept appointments through their booker calendar. According to Fit Small Business 35% of customers want to book an appointment during off hours and 25% of millennials will only book appointments online.

Booker’s basic package starts at $85 dollars a month.

Add eCommerce to your Website

If you’re not ready to take the plunge with Booker, many websites are easily integrated with a billing system. WordPress offers many free eCommerce plugins that will help you book appointments online. Similarly, Squarespace offers eCommerce as a part of their website templates. Adding an online store to your website is most likely a cost efficient way to dip your toe into online booking.  

Optimize for Mobile. 

Online booking is important but if your website is not optimized for mobile then that added convenience is lost on a lot of searchers. 74% of consumers will abandon a web page if it takes more than 5 seconds to load on their mobile device. SinglePlatform creates mobile friendly site for businesses that needs them while helping them get discovered everywhere that matters online. Learn more about how SinglePlatform can help you.  

To learn more useful tips about managing your business, follow SinglePlatform on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


3 Fall Tips for Pet Service Professionals

Labor day is quickly approaching and that means fall is right around the corner. Fall is more than just the changing of the leaves; it also means that students are heading back to school, vacations are put on hold, and colder weather is near.  Pet service professionals need to take these things into consideration during the next few months to make sure that they are making the most out of this time of year.

Back to School Schedule

Summer is ending and that means a shift in schedules. Students, parents, and teachers are all getting up earlier and rushing out the door for the eight o’clock bell.  With the school morning scramble in full swing, dog walkers can find an opportunity. Consider running a back to school special on morning walks so that families have more time during their morning routine.

Boost Boarding

Travel hits a peak during the summer and doesn’t start to rebound until the holiday season picks up which leaves the early fall months as a dead zone for pet boarders. With fewer people taking longer vacations, consider running a special on overnight or weekend boarding packages. Remind your customers that they don’t have to be out of town to need a night off from their puppy-parenting responsibilities. 

Advertise Trims

Many dog owners keep their furry friends’ locks short during the warm summer months, but as the weather turns colder it’s time to let those coats grow to keep pets warm. This may signal a drop off in full grooming sessions, which is why pet groomers may want to start promoting trims and styling sessions. These shortened sessions are a good way to keep clients coming in the door.

Incorporate these falls tips to help your pet services business perform in the coming months. Learn more about how SinglePlatform can help you attract new customers and get discovered everywhere that matters online. To learn more marketing tips for your local business, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.