Top Trends for Salons & Spas 2018

Salons and spas are sanctuaries for relaxation, pampering, and becoming a better version of oneself. Your facility is more than just a place to get a massage or try out a new hairstyle – it’s a place where people go to escape from the outside world and treat themselves to a luxury as an escape from their daily routine. Staying on top of trends in your industry is important in order to stay competitive and provide your clientele with the services they want. We highlight four trends that we think will be a major hit in 2018.

1.       Full body treatments

There has always been a focus on the face, with good reason. It’s important to keep pores clean and skin healthy when it comes to your most recognizable feature. But, this year we’ll see a shift in trend to focusing not only on the face, but the entire body. Exfoliation, anti-aging, and general routine care can extend to the rest of the body in order to make sure your largest organ is taken care of. Think things like exfoliating massages, anti-aging treatments, and full body SPF skincare. Educating your clients on the importance of full-body skincare allows you to maximize your profit potential by offering additional services.

2.      Gender neutral products

As a social concept of equality, we’ve come a long way in blurring the lines between genders. This notion has influenced many different realms of life and is beginning to become prominent in the beauty world. Brands recognize that there doesn’t always need to be a differentiator between male and female products, with traditional marketing of these items being centered on whether men or women should use it. Gender neutral brands are emerging and providing skincare, haircare, and other general hygiene products for use by all. Take Panacea for example, a brand new gender neutral company that provides skincare solutions for both men and women. Consider using some of these emerging products in your salon or spa.

3.      Online and mobile capabilities

In today’s world, individuals rarely make phone calls to book appointments. Technology influences every industry, and salons and spas are no exception. People are searching online to find local hair salons, massage parlors, and nail salons. They’re reading customer reviews, looking at pictures of your location and your clientele, and hoping to find pricing before they book appointments. It’s never been more important to have your business’ information and offerings accurately online. Competition is out there and you don’t want to lose new or returning clients to another spa down the street. You also want to be completely transparent about what services you offer before appointments are booked. Do you offer online booking capabilities? Do you monitor your online reviews? Do you have a social presence? As a business owner, these are all things you should be thinking about as you enter a new year.

4.     Stylists on social media

Gone are the days where people discover the new hairstyle they want by flipping through a magazine on your salon’s coffee table. Customers are looking at your Instagram and Facebook pages before they even step in your door. People have the tools they need to be more informed than ever before, and they’re not afraid to use them. I recently moved to Brooklyn and needed to find a new hair stylist. I was in desperate need of a haircut, but didn’t know where to go. I have curly hair, so I wanted someone who specialized in that. I also wanted a salon within walking distance from my apartment. Once I had a few options narrowed down (from searching online, of course) I checked out the social media pages of all the potential salons. The one that stood out to me had tons of posts of curly hair before and after. Each photo was labeled with each stylist’s name, so I was able to easily identify who specialized in curly hair for women. In a matter of minutes, I was able to go online, see all offered services on their website, and book an appointment with the stylist of my choice. This is the kind of seamless experience people are looking for, and if you don’t offer it, they may just end up booking an appointment with the salon next door. Having a strong social media presence that highlights your staff’s talent is crucial for your business and rather easy to achieve.

Being a salon or spa owner is a unique opportunity to give your client’s a memorable and positive experience. As a business owner, it is essential to keep on top of industry trends in order to be a cut above the competition. From products to technology, we hope these four trend tips will help you be successful in the upcoming year. To learn more about how we can help you get your business information and services online, speak with our team at SinglePlatform.

4 Trends Your Salon Should Know About in 2017

It’s that time again—new beginnings. As people are jumping into the new year full-force, make sure your spa or salon is ready to help them feel renewed with the trends that are set to take off in 2017. 

Here are four trends your business can take advantage of in the new year: 

1. Personalization

Consumers want unique experiences that feel made for them. If your spa or salon can’t sustain personalizing every experience—don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can, however, house a wide variety of high-quality products that allow you to cater to the needs of any customer who might walk through your door. Make sure your employees are educated on the products that you sell and offer a free beauty and wellness consultation for every first-time customer. If you make your customers feel understood and taken care of, you can turn any first-time customer into a loyal one. 

2. Back to Nature & Escaping Technology

In the onslaught of the digital age, your customers will be looking for an escape. Not only does keeping indoor plants have benefits you can pass on to your customers, but it will make your spa or salon feel like the oasis your customers are looking for. Go one step further and partner with a local meditation center to offer a retreat into nature. If that’s not possible, simply offer lockers for your customers digital belonging so they can disconnect upon arrival. 

3. Spas for Kids

Spas for kids are becoming more and more popular. Jump on the craze by creating some packages specifically designed for kids. Turn them into group packages on days where you tend to be slower and you just might find that a little kid-care is the right choice for your spa or salon. 

4. Wine Therapy

Grapes are a wonderful source of antioxidants and the health benefits of wine have moved beyond the bottle and into spas. Add an ultra-luxurious wine facial or red-wine bath to your offerings and you just might dip into a whole new clientele base—one that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear. 

Learn more about how SinglePlatform can help you communicate your new services to potential customers.

4 Trends for Spas and Salons in 2016

Going into 2016, consumers want—and expect—convenience and options. Consumers will be drawn to the spas and salons that can give them what they want. Make sure that your spa or salon is keeping up with these new trends if you want to keep—and grow—your customer list.

1. Mobile Services

According to Groupon, not only is the industry shifting toward mobile websites but also mobile beauty professionals.  Professionals from hairstylists, estheticians, and nail techs are expanding beyond brick and mortar storefronts and offering to meet their clients wherever it is most convenient for them. As a salon or spa owner, you may want to invest in some portable equipment to meet the demands of busy and convenience-craving clients. 

2. Online Product Ordering

As more beauty professionals are opting to bring their services to their customers, retail sales have had to adapt. Hair stylists can’t schlep their entire inventory of products with them wherever they meet their clients. Companies like Loxa Beauty allow stylists to receive commission on products that their clients buy online, allowing traveling beauty professionals to capitalize on the boost that retail sales give their business.

3. App Booking

In keeping with the convenience-loving client, app booking is rapidly growing. It is not enough to have online booking options; your customers want to be able to schedule their appointments quickly and easily on their smartphones. MyTime is a great company that partners with small businesses, allowing consumers to connect with small business services through their beautifully designed and easy-to-use app. 

4. Men

The beauty industry is no longer an all-girls club. While men’s scents and personal care only make up 11% of the overall beauty industry, due to changing attitudes about gender roles, the growth in the male beauty industry outpaces the growth for services catered to women. Men are the final frontier in the beauty world and 2016 is the perfect time for the ambitious salon or spa owner to voyage westward. 

When mapping out your business strategy for the rest of 2016, ask yourself how you will be addressing and taking advantage of these trends. The consumer base of five years ago has evolved with the changes in technology. Check out how SinglePlatform can help you keep up with the digital landscape of the beauty industry.  

5 Easy Ways Your Spa or Salon Can Give Back This Holiday Season

Your promotions are in place, you’re getting some great reviews, sales are good, and the holidays are around the corner. It’s time for your Spa or Salon to spread the cheer and give back this holiday season. 

Charity work doesn’t just create good karma for your business—it can stir up some seriously positive PR, cause an upswing in employee morale, and forge important new connections with other local businesses and leaders. 

Here’s five easy ways your spa or salon can give back this holiday season:

1. Start a Youth Apprenticeship Program 

Donating your team’s time and talents is an amazing way to give back and show that your business cares. Teaming up with local high schools to create a youth apprenticeship program not only gives young students the opportunity to get hands on professional experience, but it gives your business some great word of mouth from the students, teachers and families in your area. It can also lead to easier recruitment when looking for new talent. 

2. Plan an Event to Benefit Locks of Love

Locks of Love is an amazing organization that uses donated hair to make hair prosthetics for children suffering long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Register at a participating location and plan an event at your Spa or Salon to see just how many heads you can shear for a good cause (the hair does have to meet their standards). It’s a great way to create good will for your company, build camaraderie with your staff, introduce your business to new people, and bolster your PR. 

3. Make People Look Good

Donate your time to an organization like Dress for Success to help prepare women for interviews. Once they’re economically independent, you might have some customers for life. You can also help highlight the beauty of cancer patients and survivors through organizations like Look Good Feel Better. What a wonderful way for your staff to bond and make a difference. If those opportunities aren’t in your area, plan a visit to a local nursing home and give out some free manicures and pedicures. The residents will love the attention and when their family visits, they’ll be so excited they’ll be sure to give you a referral. 

4. Designate a Day Each Week for Charity 

Pick your slowest day of the week and advertise that a percentage-of-proceeds will be donated to charity on that day. Talk to your staff and customers about the types of organizations they’d be interested in supporting and watch as business picks up with customers trying to support your efforts.

5. Hold a “Salon Marathon” 

Hold an event where you and your staff work extra-long hours to raise money for charity. Whether it’s all-proceeds, or a-portion-of, marathon events are always great for PR and employee moral. Reach out to local newspapers and stations and new faces will be sure to show up to help—and they just that might become new regulars. 

Show your community that you care this holiday season by following any of these ways you can give back. As long as you’re passionate about what you choose, it will be fun, rewarding and profitable for you and your business. Get more tips and tricks for running your local business sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter below:

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5 Simple Tips to Help Build Your Spa or Salon’s Referral Program

Building a successful referral program for your Spa or Salon is a great way to drive more customers through your door. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways there is in the health and beauty field. Referred customers are also proven better customers—they spend more and remain loyal over longer periods of time. 

Make sure your business is getting the most out of your referral program by following these simple steps: 

1. Build a Database

Hand out a survey to first-time customers that is fun and personal while asking for their contact information, birthday, and other important dates. Having a database of that information helps your business advertise your promotions, keep in touch with your customers, and give them the personalized attention it takes to let them know you care. 

2. Incentivize Referrals

Entice customers to refer your business with discounts, coupons, and free products. Talk to some of your trusted regulars and ask them what would motivate them to refer your business. Better yet, tailor your gifts to your customers and watch as new customers come looking for personalized gifts of their own. 

3. Reward Loyalty

Loyalty programs are another great way to build relationships with your customers. Offering a  free service after a specified amount of visits will help turn walk-ins into regulars.  You can go with a traditional punch card program or a new high-tech app. Either way, you’ll be increasing your customer retention rate for a minimal cost.  

4. Track Your Success

Keep track of your referrals. There are plenty of programs out there for referrals, like Referral Candy, Ambassador, and InviteBox. Being able to track the success and challenges of your referral program will help you to optimize the process and keep you motivated. If you’re having trouble capturing more referrals, consider investing in some help. 

5. Promote Referrals on Social Media

Now that you’ve created a database of customers and are reaching out to them regularly, engage with them on social media. Remind them about upcoming deals and discounts as well as highlighting exemplary service that you’ve provided to other.  Keeping your salon or spa at the top of their minds means they are more likely to recommend your business to others. 

Follow these tips on building your referral program to help find and retain new customers for your small business. Stay in-touch with the latest tips to help your spa or salon by signing up for our newsletter below: 

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Winter Treatments that Your Spa or Salon Should Promote

It’s November and that means that winter is coming. The colder temperatures lead to drier climates during the winter months and that can significantly impact your client’s beauty routines. Make sure that you have these three winter treatments available at your spa or salon–your customers will need them the most in the coming months.

1. Moisturizing Facials

A lack of humidity means a lack of moisture in our skin. Help your clients mend red, dry and cracking skin with treatments that bring a little life back into their faces. Moisturizing facials will be a hot seller over the next few months to make sure that your customers know that you offer them. Post a few before and after shots on your social media to give your customers an idea of what immediate results they can expect to see in their skin.  

2. Rejuvenating Hair Masks

Your client’s skin is not the only thing that needs a little extra TLC during the colder months of the year. Your client’s hair may be reacting to the lack of moisture in the air in the same way that their skin is. That’s where their favorite spa or salon comes in to save the day. Start offering a buy one get one 25% off to inspire clients to keep coming back for more.  

3. Deep Tissue Massage

Cold weather makes muscles more susceptible to strain. Colder temperatures, the stress of the holiday season, and end of year deadlines create the perfect storm for tense clients this time of year. A deep tissue massage can help them work out the kinks and take on the winter with renewed gusto. Create a massage loyalty program and reward your clients for coming back.

The winter months are an important time of year for your spa or salon so make sure that you are making the most of it with these winter treatments. Drive more customers to book your treatments with SinglePlatform. Learn more about how we can help your business get discovered everywhere that matters online.

Build Your Salon & Spa Email List

In 2016, salons and spas owners know how important email marketing to help brand their business to new and old customers. The industry has moved away from word-of-mouth as the main source of finding more information about salons and spas. Digital marketing is taking over and email marketing is a key component of that strategy. Email marketing can promote specials, new packages, and company news. To make your email strategy effective you need to build a strong list to send to. Here’s how:

Promote In-Store Signups

The best time to get customers to sign up for your email list is during a visit. Some methods include asking when they check in or check out, leaving a bowl out for people to drop business cards, and keeping a sign-up sheet at your register. Offer an incentive for customers to sign up such as the chance to win a free service of a gift card.

Use Your Website

Your website is a great marketing tool for your business and you can also use it to expand your email marketing efforts. Place a prominent form on your site for customers to sign up for your newsletter subscription. If you want to provide an incentive for clients, offer them a 10% off their first treatment for signing up. This strategy should lead to an uptick in email opt-ins for your business.

Push Signups on Social

Your social media platforms are also a great place to drive email subscriptions. Currently there are approximately 1.23 billion users on Facebook, 645 million on Twitter, and 400 million on Instagram. Using Facebook boosts, placing links in your Instagram bio, and using strategic hashtags in your tweets will help you expand your reach to prospective customers. If you link to the sign up page on your website, you have the opportunity to drive a lot of traffic there.

With these tips, you should be able to expand your reach to more customers and better communicate your offerings. Follow SinglePlatform on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today for more marketing tips and industry news.