The Power of Online Reviews for Your Salon

With 88% of consumers trusting online reviews, it is no wonder why salons and reviews go together so wells.  When choosing a salon, customers trust reviews especially when you consider that 87% of consumers are unwilling to consider a business with low ratings or reviews. While having bad reviews is detrimental to your business, so it not having any reviews at all. Without reviews to endorse your business, consumers will likely pick your better-reviewed competitors. Use the following tips to get more reviews from your satisfied customers:

Keep it Simple

In most cases, less than 10% of consumers will actually leave a review. When trying to encourage reviews, convenience is key. Having a tablet where customers can review their experience as they are leaving is a strong strategy to getting more reviews.  Social media, newsletters or other social pages can be used as outlets to invite consumers to share their positive experience. 

Offer a Guide

Some customers might be intimidated by the prospect of leaving a review. They can feel out of their element and not know what to say. In social media posts or on in-store provided tablets, you can offer them questions to get their thoughts in order. By framing sentences in a positive way will likely prompt positive feelings in a respondent such as “Did you feel you received good service today?”.  

Go Above and Beyond

Customers are more likely to leave a review if the experience was memorable. To ensure that you are getting more positive reviews you need to make sure that your customers have a remarkably positive experience. That might mean throwing in a freebie like a smoothing mask for their hair or to add a little extra pampering. A complimentary glass of champagne during a highlight would set you a part in many customers’ minds. Adding small touches that make your customer feel special are noteworthy and will inspire more customers to leave a review. 

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3 Traits to Look for in Your Salon or Spa Receptionist

A receptionist for a salon and spa juggles a lot of responsibilities. They keep their stylists in check with their appointments, maintain organization throughout the salon, and promote your brand. According to the Director of Salon Evolution, some of the key qualities a receptionist needs to display for the store include being enthusiastic, organized, and motivated to go above and beyond. Check out how these qualities in your receptionist will help your business in the long run.

1. People Skills

As the first contact your clients have with your business, whether that’s face to face or over the phone, your receptionist needs to make a great first impression. Greeting every customer with a friendly welcome sets the tone for their visit and their overall impression of your spa or salon. You want your customers to be happy and comfortable in your salon so the ability for your receptionist to put them at ease the moment your customers walk in the door is vital. 

2. Organization

The devil is in the details and this old saying remains true for receptionist. Maintaining appointment schedules, manning the reception desk, updating the filing system, your receptionist is in charge of many processes that require attention to detail for your business to run smoothly. Make sure that you develop structured processes for help your receptionist keep track of these assignments. Checklists are helpful tools to make sure that everything is getting done in a timely manner. 

3. Going The Extra Mile

According to American Salon, your salon or spa needs a receptionist who is willing to go the extra mile. Like any business, your salon or spa will face unexpected challenges that require your staff to rise to the challenge. You should be hiring staff that is willing to go above and beyond to make your salon or spa the best it can be. As an employer going the extra mile for your employees by celebrating their birthdays or having appreciation days, can motivate your employees to go the extra mile for your business. 

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Boost Salon and Spa Sales this Fall

Labor day is coming up and that means soon our sun-filled summer days will be behind us. Fall is a great time to undo the strain that the sun has put on your customer’s hair and skin over the past few months. Check out some of these fall tips to help get more customers in the door. 

Minimize Stress Levels

Back to school season is stressful for more than just parents. Teachers, students, and college administrators all face increased stress with the change of the season, making fall a great time to run a special on massages. The special will be appreciated and bring in customers who need stress relief for the rest of the school year.

Ombre is the New Blonde

Due to the summer sun, a popular summer hairstyle trend is balayage, for sun-kissed locks no matter how much time your clients are able to spend on the beach. With fall here, people are going darker and a popular trend this year is ombre. Make sure that your employees are well versed in this dual-shade hair process. Consider doing a discount for an ombre die for the first time clients. In six to eight weeks when they need a touch up, they’ll come back and pay full price.

Moisturizing Your Skin Back To Health

After three months of increased sun exposure, your client’s skin needs to be revitalized with more moisture, making facials a great choice for fall promotions. Try making an appearance at a community event like a high school football game or farmers market and pass out samples of your skin care products. Prospective clients will appreciate the gesture and know where to go for more.

The fall is a great time to focus on rejuvenating yourself after the dog days of summer. To learn more tips for your salon or spa, follow SinglePlatform on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Online Booking for Your Salon or Spa

Providing your clients with various ways to book appointments such as online as well as over the phone, will help you to fill up your salon or spa’s calendar. Salon and spa owners need to be on top of new business trends to gain a competitive edge. According to Aveda Means Business, “70% of visitors to salon and spa websites are unique visitors who have never been to that site before. Most likely, these are potential new clients.” Check out these three companies that can help you book appointments online and increase revenue to your salon or spa.

1.    Booker

Booker is a cloud based program that allows small businesses to book and sell their services online. The site is accessible 24/7 for clients around the world with a primary focus on spas, salons, tattoo parlors, and field services. With Booker you provide potential customers with the ability to book or buy a service via a third party site like Facebook, which creates more exposure for your business. Booker’s basic package starts at $85 a month with two other pricier packages available. 

2.    MyTime

Customers appreciate convenience. MyTime not only allows you to book appointments online, it also offers the customer the ability to see all available time slots, so that they can best pick the times that works for them. Having a visual calendar paints a better picture for your customers than calling a receptionist for availabilities.MyTime helps customers that are in need of a last minute appointment find business that can accompany them, helping your spa or salon to never have a lull. My Time offers three different packages for spa or salon owners with their beginner plan starting at $49.99 a month.

3.    Whittl

Whittl allows customers to search for a specific service. Similar to both Booker and My Time, your customers can book directly through Whittl’s website. Whittl is integrated with Yelp so potential customers can see reviews of your salon or spa before booking. Whittle’s starter plan starts at $49 a month with a $1 booking fee. Other detailed plans are available to purchase as your business grows. 

Providing customers with more ways to book appointments will ultimately lead to more business. Give your salon and spa that competitive advantage by staying up to date on new technology and trends in your industry. To learn more about how SinglePlatform can help your business get discovered everywhere that matters online, click here. 


4 Ways Your Salon or Spa Can Find the Best Talent

For every salon or spa owner, finding the right employees is important because your product is dependent on their skills. While there were over one million people who worked in the salon or spa industry in 2014, and that number has continued to grow, recruiting the staff members you want to work at your small business should be a selective process. 

To make the search easier, here are a few ideas on how your salon or spa can actively attract the talent you want:

1.    Network, Network, Network

The best way to find talent is to get out there. Whether you attend tradeshows or conferences to network with others in the business, or build a relationship with cosmetology schools in your area, you need to put your salon or spa on their radar. By being physically present and connecting with people face-to-face, you not make your business memorable and hopefully begin to build a rapport that could transition into a working relationship.

2.    Emphasize Education

Considering 76% of people want opportunities for career growth at their jobs and 40% of employees who receive poor training will leave their jobs within a year of starting, your salon or spa must implement training and educational opportunities for your employees. Giving employees the opportunity to sharpen their skills not only allows them to get better at doing what they love, but it also makes them feel that their career is valued by your business.  

3.    Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

Having a strong presence on social media not only allows you to broadcast your brand to customers, but this is also an opportunity to promote your company culture to prospective employees.. When people research your business as a prospective job opportunity, you enable them to see how your business values your employees. 

4.    Win Talent With Your Website

Like social media, your website is another opportunity for potential employees to get to know your business. By having a website that is fully updated and easy to navigate, the talent you’re looking to recruit can quickly find the information they’re looking for. Listing open positions or including a section specifically dedicated to staff members helps potential employees see the opportunities available to them as well as a preview of their potential coworkers.

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4 Tips for Your Salon or Spa This July

The summer months are synonymous with sunshine, pool days, and sun-kissed skin. What the summer does positively for the mind, it does negatively to the hair and skin. Take advantage of the heat and capitalize on sun-damaged skin and hair at your salon or spa by offering clients unbeatable deals or educational incentives that focus solely on the health and revitalization of their aesthetics. 

1.  Celebrate With a Sale

As the nation celebrates America’s birthday on the fourth of July, your salon or spa should too. Display your patriotism by offering discounted rates on all services, particularly ones that target damage caused by sun and water.  Tuning into the needs and interests of your clients makes them feel both appreciated and more inclined to purchase from your business again in the future.

2.  Specialize in Skincare

With warmer weather sending people outdoors, the importance of protecting skin from harmful UV rays increases. By offering free skincare samples or educating customers on the products best for their skin, you show customers the value your salon or spa places in their wellbeing, while potentially boosting revenue with your retail business. 

3.  Create Summer-Inspired Salon and Spa Packages

Combine hair and skincare treatments into affordable packages that give your clients the gift of maintenance and restoration. By offering multiple services at a discounted rate, you entice people to purchase because they’re getting more for their money.

4.  Offer Personalized Plans

Preventing damage is the most effective way of protecting hair and skin.  This July, create personalized preventative plans for hair and skin that help your clients steer clear of harmful damage.  Whether it’s visiting the salon or spa more often for deep conditioning hair treatments or recommending the best moisturizer suited for their skin, your clients will feel genuinely cared for by your salon or spa. 

The summer provides a prime opportunity for people to look and feel their best, as well as for salons and spas to cultivate their clients’ hair and skin. To learn more tips and trends regarding the salon and spa industry, visit SinglePlatform on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram



Deal Sites and Your Salon or Spa

There is no denying that the Spa and salon industries are strong in the U.S. According to Statista, the U.S. Spa industry is expected to make around 15.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. This marks an increase in revenue of $1.5 billion since 2012. Salons are also marketable; First Research reports that there are more than 86,000 salons and hair care businesses in the US. With so much competition out there, spas and salons need to stand out. Many businesses may be tempted to use deal sites such as Groupon or Living Social to gain more customers but this is not a strong strategy for everyone. Read on to learn more about deal sites and if they might be a good fit for your salon or spa. 

1. Choose Wisely

If your spa or salon is considering placing a promotion on a deal site, it’s important that you are doing so strategically. Take time to consider your options. Groupon is the biggest deal site out there with one out of every seven Americans buying a Groupon in the past 12 months. Living Social is also another major player in the deal site market that focuses on local deals. Your Spa or Salon may want to consider industry specific sites like Spafinder or Lifebooker, which only provide deals for the beauty industry. Be sure to do research on which site will best reach your target audience.  

2. Increased Volume

Deals sites provide your business with increased volume of clients, so if your a new business trying to cultivate a clientele or spread the word about your services to new customers deal sites can be a strong choice for you. Similarly if your business is struggling and you want to try to diversify your customer base, deal sites may be able to do the trick. Deal sites are also ideal for business that face fierce local competition. If there are other spas or salons near by, drawing customers to your door with a deal might help you win more traffic.  

3. Smaller Profit Margin

Although these deal sites can improve the volume of your business and introduce new customers to what you have to offer, there are also potential disadvantages. With deal sites, not only are your profit margins reduced because of the discount but also because the deal site itself takes a portion of the revenue that the make you. This often means that deal sites are only profitable if customers decide to return after their initial deal. You can combat this by putting a cap on how many discounted appointments you take per day. Leaving room for regular paying customers will help combat the reduced profit margin or the promotion.

While deal sites can be a great strategy for you to boost your business, you want to make sure you take advantage of it in the right ways. These deals are a marketing strategy and most likely will not lead to increased profits immediately. Want to learn more about marketing your local business? Check out SinglePlatform on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Get updates sent directly to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter below.