Summer Salon & Spa Trends

As with any industry, what is popular in the spa and salon world is constantly evolving. Additionally, certain treatments and services are more popular in the summer months than in the wintertime and vice-versa. Here are four trends to look out for this summer.

1. Keep Kids in Mind
The summer months are a great time for parents to spend additional time with their children who are on break from school. Both adults and children are more stressed and anxious now than in the past. This creates a big need for wellness services to help with posture and muscle stiffness. Offer mother-daughter packages to cater to this every growing demographic.

2. Lighten Up
With the boost in sunshine comes a bigger emphasis on lighter hair colors and highlights. Customers are increasingly looking for lightening treatments such as ombre or balayage, so make sure you and your stylists are up to date on these trends.

3. Smoothing Treatments
With beach and pool season around the corner, there’s a high demand for hair smoothing treatments such as keratin. For a more natural alternative, here are four formaldehyde-free treatments to think about incorporating.

4. Summer Retail Products
Make sure to stock your salon or spa with sun protectant products. Lip balms, hair sprays, and creams for the face/body that contain UV protection should be available to your clients who will be spending more time outdoors.

As you change over your retail products and offer summer specials and promotions, get the word out by utilizing your website and online listings. Check out SinglePlatform to see how we are able to get more eyes on your services and specials across all of the major websites and mobile apps this summer.

SPstories: Skin Spa New York

To celebrate Small Biz Week, SinglePlatform wanted to highlight one of our customers who found success through trying years. Skin Spa New York was established in New York City in 2005 with only four treatment rooms and less than 10 employees. Over the course of eleven years, through the recession and the boom of online deal sites, Skin Spa New York has been able to expand to an eight-location business with 150 employees. A feat that was accomplished with an emphasis on online presence and a business model willing to adapt to the new digital environment of the industry. 

Senior Manager Katie Werbowski joined the team in 2007. Over the years, her role expanded into management and marketing alongside the founder of Skin Spa, Tom Elzner, and she currently runs the daily operations for Skin Spa. Katie spoke with us about how Skin Spa New York has been able to thrive, “Skin Spa’s pricing was created in a way that is affordable for everyone.  During the 2008 recession, everyone was looking for more cost effective treatments, so we were able to introduce Skin Spa to people across the spectrum.” Skin Spa New York is dedicated to being a part of their customers’ lifestyles and their pricing reflects that. They want their clients to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, not worried about if their treatments can fit into their budget. 

Katie recalls how Groupon was also a by-product of the recession and that Skin Spa New York recognized that they would have to adapt. “Groupon made pricing in the market really transparent. Instead of having to call around, you could see prices published everywhere. It really changed the market.” Skin Spa New York has embraced the digital landscape and it has paid off for them. Groupon lead to increased volume of appointments allowing them to continue to grow even during financially insecure times

Through the expansion, the team realized that one of the more time consuming aspects of their internet strategy became finding and maintaining the details of each spa listing in order to keep their business information current and user-friendly. They knew how important a strong online presence is for a small business, “Everything is online now. If your online presence is weak, it reflects poorly on the business before people are even getting in the door, which means they’re not coming in the door.” When Skin Spa heard about SinglePlatform, they immediately saw the value in the service and knew that we could help fill in the cracks of their online marketing. To learn more about how SinglePlatform helped Skin Spa New York stand out everywhere it matters online, check out our full customer success story.

Spring Your Salon or Spa into Success This Season

As winter becomes a distant memory, so do the cold weather trends that accompanied it. Staying up-to-date on styles, deals, and specials of the spring season will ensure your salon or spa gains the attention your business needs. 

Here are four essential ways to boost your salon or spa’s sales this season:

1.  Promotions, Promotions, Promotions

People love promotions, and that means your salon or spa needs to have them. According to a report by Nielsen, over one-third of people shopping for beauty and personal care products online were solely looking for a deal. Advertising your salon or spa by offering specials on the products or services your clients need the most will entice more customers to visit your business. 

2.  Be Style-Savvy

Keep your employees aware and up-to-date on the latest trends by educating them in weekly meetings on the latest developments in the salon and spa industry. Hairstyles, nail colors, and make-up trends change seasonally, and your clients expect your business to be up to speed and enlightened as to what those are. When your clients feel your employees are not only skilled, but educated as well, they’re more apt to become repeat visitors, meaning more sales for your business. 

3.  Convenience Is Key

While some clients have the time for a day at the spa, many clients are just looking for a quick fix. By implementing express appointments into your salon or spa’s schedule that accommodate a busy professional or a mom on the go, you open the door to new clients who want the benefits of a spa day but don’t have the time for one.

4.  Take on Technology

It’s 2016, and your clients live in a digital age. Long gone are the days when salon or spa clients rely on a receptionist to schedule their appointments. Many businesses have implemented online scheduling, and if your salon or spa hasn’t yet, it’s time to get on board. Clients appreciate when your business makes their lives easier, which in turn will increase their loyalty. Simply by giving your customers the ability to schedule their appointments when, where, and how they want, you make it easy to choose your salon or spa over the competition. 

By implementing these four tips, you ensure your salon or spa a successful spring break season of sales, as well as your clients’ style needs satisfied.

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How to grow your salon’s client base in 2016

As the salon industry has evolved, new opportunities to build a client base have surfaced. Word of mouth has transformed into online & social media. Here are just a few of the avenues salon owners can take to drive new traffic into the business.

Keeping repeat business is necessary to grow

Salon-goers aren’t necessarily easy to please, but once they’re happy, they’re loyal. Do a check on these basics to make sure you’re as pleasing to your clients as they are to you:

  • A huge factor desired by clients is valuable services. Going above and beyond for clients, doing a little bit extra can make all the difference.
  • People want to have options; broadening selections for them once they’re in the salon can result in repeat customers. No person wants to be limited in their options on what they can do for themselves within a salon.
  •  Reasonable prices also have an impact for customers.

Other factors customers are looking for consist of a clean shop and strong relationships. People want to feel clean and feel taken care of because it makes them feel comfortable. I know when I’m in a salon for a haircut, if I don’t feel comfortable, I’m not coming back.

Capture online search with trending services to attract new customers

Gaining new customers is always on ongoing challenge, but taking advantage of the tools that are in front of you is key. A significant tool to take advantage of is the internet.

More than 85 percent of Americans search for businesses using the Internet. Online presence is critical, not only to be present when people are searching, but to be accessible when people are searching for specific things. Whether someone is googling “haircut and color” or “Brazilian wax”, it is key to be found.

Having your services listed on the biggest websites (Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc.) is a way to differentiate yourself, but also increase your discoverability. According to a Pew Internet study, 81% of individuals use Internet key word searches to find services and products. Promoting offers through social media platforms can be effective as well (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Checking your in-salon and online presence can help keep your loyal clients happy and get new customers in your doors. With new services and new websites constantly popping up, a regular check on how you’re doing on both can keep you growing healthily.

How your Salon or Spa can take advantage of Small Business Saturday

As Black Friday nears, so does Small Business Saturday: a day specifically intended to encourage consumers to shop and buy local.
Falling on November 28th this year, how will your salon or spa take advantage of this nationally recognized event to entice new and existing customers to buy with your business?

To give you an idea of how to maximize your profit, here are a few tips to ensure your business has a successful Small Business Saturday:

1. Be prepared

The best way to equip your salon or spa for success is by looking at your competitors: what promotions or deals are they offering customers? By creating specials that are competitive with theirs, you put your salon or spa at an advantage for attracting the most customers on the day of the event.

2. Integrate with the Internet

Is your salon or spa easy to find on the web? Being where customers are searching is an integral tool for success; 93% of people research a business online before visiting it in store. By having accurate and up-to-date information about your business on the web, complete with the deals and specials you’ll offer on Small Business Saturday, you give customers the information they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.


3. Minimize holiday season stress

Considering planning and shopping for the holiday season can be stressful for some, create the ultimate relaxation experience by offering discounted rates on spa packages or salon services on the day of the event. Apart from offering discounted rates the day of, offer a discounted service to anyone who books a future appointment with your business on Small Business Saturday.

4. Involve your employees

Encourage employees to get excited about the event by involving them with preparations for the big day. By allowing them to create playlists for the sale or come up with a new spa package or salon service to be offered on the day of the event, you make them feel their role is important in the success of the business during the sale.

5. Extend your business hours

Accommodate the busy schedules of holiday shoppers by extending the operating hours of your salon or spa on Small Business Saturday. By opening early or closing later, you appeal to every customer’s schedule, allowing him or her to get the pampering they need.

6. Announce, announce, announce!

Now that you’ve prepared your business for Small Business Saturday by creating deals and specials that are event-specific, tell customers about it! By sending out emails or hanging decorative posters that detail what your business will be offering, you alert consumers ahead of time so they can plan to visit your business on the actual day of the event.

7. Review results and thank you notes!

After this year’s Small Business Saturday, review what was successful and what wasn’t. In what areas could your salon or spa have done better? By looking at the tests and triumphs of the event, you have the opportunity to improve for next year. Not only is it important to reflect on the day, go the extra mile and thank your customers; sending out a personalized note creates a positive customer experience from start to finish.

For more ideas on how to have a successful Small Business Saturday for your salon or spa, download our free eGuide here.

Why Salon and Spa Owners Should Pamper Customers with Online Booking

As the world progressively digitizes, it’s essential for your salon or spa to stay up-to-date on the latest technology to ensure a convenient and easy purchasing process for customers looking to spend money with your business.
Appointments at the click of a button

Over a quarter of consumers expect the businesses they purchase from to provide them with the ability to book their appointment or service online, and over a third of consumers say the ability to book online sets the business apart from competitors.

Why is online booking so important to consumers?

1.) It’s convenient

Your customers’ lives (and schedules) are filled with commitments and obligations, so make it effortless for them to schedule appointments by giving them the option to do it online. By providing them with tools that make it easy to book with your business on the fly, you eliminate the hassle of having to schedule time to call your salon or spa, and improve their overall experience with your business.

 2.) 24/7 Customer Service

Even though your customers aren’t directly interacting with one of your employees when they book online, the principle of its convenience plays a huge role in customer service. When a customer feels as though your business is considerate of their busy schedule and can meet their basic need to book an appointment in a seamless fashion, they are most likely going to report a positive customer service experience and recommend you to their friends and family.

 3.) Automated reminders

As previously mentioned, your customers’ schedules are crowded with things they need to do and people they have to see. When customers book online, not only do they receive a confirmation email of their appointment, they usually have the option to receive an email or text message that reminds them when their appointment is near. By making the process of booking an appointment with your business as stress-free as possible, you ensure the experience your customers have with your business is a positive one.

A win-win situation

Apart from customer satisfaction, an added benefit of online booking is the ability to require customers to input their credit card information in order to hold their appointment. By requiring customers to do so, you protect your business from losing out on a sale due to a no-show or last-minute cancellation.

By integrating online booking with your website and across your online listings, you give new and existing customers the power to efficiently book appointments at their convenience, while guaranteeing sales for your business.

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How a New Jersey Salon Found a Better Marketing Solution

With so many places for consumers to find information online, small businesses have never had more opportunities to be discovered by their next great customer.
This has opened some important new doors for business owners like Gary Talvacchio, owner of D’Nicole Salon & Spa.

“In our industry, the marketing end is extremely important,” explains Gary, who opened his New Jersey salon in 2006. “In the past, we were making costly investments in print advertising and really weren’t seeing the return we were looking for. With the way things are today, we can get our name out there in a much more effective way.”

But in addition to the incredible opportunity for growth that comes with having your business information available on review sites like Yelp or being found on search engines like Google or Bing, there are also challenges that come along with it.

“The time commitment has really been the biggest hurdle for us,” says Gary. “As a business owner, I don’t have the time to log into all these different platforms trying to update our information in all these different places.”

Finding a Platform That Works

In August, Gary discovered SinglePlatform from Constant Contact.

“What I really liked about it was that I could go to one place and do all of my updates,” Gary explains. “Rather than having to log into one place to update my website and another place to keep all of our different listings up-to-date, we could do it all from one location.”

Gary worked with a success manager from SinglePlatform to identify the top places that his target audience might already be finding information about his business online. He was then able to upload his entire list of services into SinglePlatform and have that information distributed across the SinglePlatform publisher network of search engines, review sites, and mobile apps.

He was also able to add his list of services to his own website as well.

“For us, it’s a better way to get our name out there,” says Gary. “When we make a change or update our services, that information is updated in many different places. It lets us stay consistent.”

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

In addition to helping D’Nicole Salon & Spa provide consistent business information on their own website and across publishers like Yelp, YellowPages, Google, and Foursquare, Gary says that SinglePlatform has allowed him to expand his marketing efforts in ways he never expected.

“We’ve really been able to open up our activity on social media as well. We have our menu of services right on our page and can also post announcements which saves us a ton of time,” explains Gary. “People aren’t just coming to our salon because they saw a big ad in the paper, they’re coming because someone told them about us. When we have people commenting and sharing our stuff on Facebook, we’re able to introduce our business to even more customers.”

For those customers who are searching for D’Nicole Salon & Spa on their mobile, Gary says that SinglePlatform has provided a much-needed solution for his business.

“When people land on our website on mobile, they’re directed to a page that displays our information in a way that’s easy for people to view it,” Gary explains. “If they have any questions or want to book an appointment, they can just click a button and the phone dials, which is important for our business.”

A Marketing Solution That Works

As D’Nicole Salon & Spa enters its sixth year in business, Gary says that he is optimistic about what lies ahead in 2014.

“Whether people are looking on search engines, or Facebook, or on their phones, we’re able to get our name out there using SinglePlatform,” Gary explains.

Interested in trying SinglePlatform from Constant Contact for your small business? Visit to learn more.