Introducing SinglePlatform: The Brand

We’ve come a long way in a few fast years

In 2010, two guys recognized that people had a growing number of options of how to search for local businesses.  Some Googled, some Yelped, some checked in on Foursquare, some followed their friends around on Facebook, some old-to-new-school users searched

They also realized that people were searching smarter – and pickier – because they had more options.  So they came up with an idea to connect smart-searching consumers with local businesses nearby, on the sites and apps those consumers were already using – and SinglePlatform began.

 SinglePlatform's first logo

Those two guys surrounded themselves with an amazing team and partners, worked hard, grew, adapted, got acquired, grew some more.  They grew so much, they outgrew one logo, then another. We were so focused on who we were and what we were doing that along the way, we forgot to check to make sure our customers knew that what we were doing was for them.

Dedicated to the people who run local businesses

SinglePlatform’s mission has always been to help local businesses succeed.  But we hadn’t defined how, or why.  So before we started on our new brand, we turned to the people who run local businesses, the owners and managers, to understand why they trusted SinglePlatform with their online presence.

We heard a lot about maps and apps, technology, social media and mobile optimization. At our core, our team and technology help local businesses get discovered by new customers. We help them stand out from their competition on top sites and apps. But more than digital buzzwords, we heard about people. The time they saved, their livelihoods, the new customers they met and the support they got from our team.

 A couple of our friends from David Burke Kitchen, NYC A couple of our friends from David Burke Kitchen, NYC

At the core of local businesses, people drive success.  They greet customers at the door, they feed them, pamper them, take care of their pets, fix their problems.  Local business owners are busy, hard-working, amazing people. SinglePlatform’s mission is to help local business owners succeed by saving them time and stress, and by helping them get discovered by new customers online.

Helping local businesses stand out

Here’s the great part. We’re excited to present the new SinglePlatform brand:

We visually connected our maps-and-apps technology with our focus on local businesses. Since our customers have different needs, each of our main business types now have their own submark and color.  When they see their color or mark, they’ll know that the content, features or product displayed is created with their needs in mind.

When we’re talking maps, the pins can be separated from their logo marks, with more content when clicked.

We’ll continue to make great things happen for local businesses, but we’re going to do it smarter, and stay focused on the people who make them great.

Our SinglePlatform Marketing team has been working day and night on this rebrand and site redesign for the better part of the past year – we hope you love it as much as we do!  We’re looking forward to what’s next, and to helping even more local business owners get discovered, stand out, and get chosen.