7 Ideas for Gym & Fitness Center owners to take part in Small Business Saturday


As the holiday season quickly approaches, how will your gym or fitness center prepare for the increase in sales?
Taking place the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is devoted specifically to encouraging shoppers to buy locally.

Started in 2010 by American Express, Small Business Saturday has increasingly motivated shoppers to shift from buying at big box stores, to supporting their local economies.

With this shift in mind, how will your gym or fitness center effectively participate in Small Business Saturday?

1.) Be competitive

With gyms and fitness centers popping up all over the nation, you need to put your business at an advantage by offering highly competitive membership packages. Capitalizing on the season of gift giving by enticing customers with discounted rates will ensure your gym or fitness center is chosen over others in your area.

2.) Be online

In order for new customers to find you everywhere they’re looking, ensure your business is listed accurately online – just by having an accurate name, address, or phone number listed across the web, you give customers the essential information they need, where they’re looking for it.

3.) Make it an event

Attract new customers to sign up with your gym by giving them extra bang for their buck. By offering special deals on packages or including free personal training sessions when they sign up, people are more likely to commit to your business on the spot.

4.) Excite your employees

A huge aspect of fitness is enthusiasm and motivation. When customers can see your employees are passionate about something they’re interested in, they’re more likely to be excited about choosing your gym for a membership. Excite your employees by setting up a competition; whoever signs up the most new customers, wins a prize or an extra vacation day.

5.) Extend your hours

Opening earlier or closing later on the day of the event allows last minute shoppers the opportunity to sign up for a membership or buy personal training sessions. Most gyms and fitness centers are open 24 hours; by extending your hours on days other than Small Business Saturday, you put your gym at an advantage with people who want a gym membership but don’t have time for one during normal operating hours.

6.) Announce your promotions

Create decorative banners or advertise across the web about the deals you will be offering on Small Business Saturday. By getting the word out as much as possible, you increase the likelihood of customers visiting your business on the day of the event.


7.) Say thank you

Thanking customers for their business goes along way when it comes to customer service. Simply by sending out an email of gratitude or offering an extra discount for their loyalty will not only make your customers feel appreciated, but also more likely to sign up for memberships or personal training sessions again in the future.

For more tips on a successful Small Business Saturday at your gym or fitness center, download our free eGuide here.

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