Attract Customers to Your Gym Before New Years


November and December can be two of the hardest months to sell fitness packages and memberships during the year. Between holiday travel and the lure of cold weather hibernation, it can be difficult to motivate potential customers to get moving.  In January renewed New Year’s resolutions help to bring people through the doors but what are you to do until then? Check out these 3 ways to attract more clients through out the colder months.

1. Offer a Healthy Cookbook

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with the lower temperatures, families are coming together in the kitchen to give their ovens some lovin’. Not all of us are pros when it comes to whisking and chopping. Offer clients a cookbook of healthy and seasonal recipes that they can include on their holiday tables when they sign up for a membership. Not only does it sweeten the deal but, it shows your clients that you care about holistic health.

2. Boot Camp Packages

Veterans day is next week and there is no better time to run a patriotic promotion. Offer Book Camp packages to help people get in shape like our service men. Creating packages is a great way to motivate clients to keep coming in through out the slower months. The community that they will create during the recurring classes will keep them coming in all year long.

3. Give the Gift of Health

The holidays are right around the corner and November is a big month for holiday shopping. Gift cards for packages and memberships are a great way to boost sales at the end of the year. Putting a display of holiday cards out in the reception area of your fitness center will show people how nice a present a workout package can be. Offering a discount on their renewal if they buy a membership for a friend is a great way to encourage people to buy one for a friend.

With these three tips you can rest assured that you’ll see an uptick in sales during what could be your slowest months of the year. Make sure that potential customers can find you everywhere that matters online. Learn more about what SinglePlatform can do for you!


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