4 Ways for Gyms and Fitness Studios to Make Their Social Media Presence Stronger


Today, over 50 million Americans frequent more than 30,000 health clubs . From power lifters to the casual Zumba enthusiasts, there is a fitness haven out there for everyone. The challenge for gym and fitness studio owners is how to best engage and communicate with their niche.

Utilizing social media is one of the leading ways that small business owners can target their message to their unique audience. In this day and age, social media grabs the attention of potential members and creates a buzz to keep current members engaged. As a gym owner, you have already mastered building your clients’ strength, here are four ways to make your social media stronger:

1. Inspire Members

Using social media, from Facebook to Instagram, to motivate your audience is essential for any gym owner. Your goal is to appeal to your audience’s interests and inspire them to be returning clients. Posting photos of gym member’s progress, videos of classes, and inspiring quotes, will definitely push someone to make that trip to the gym.

2. Promotional Offers

Use your content to drive traffic to your business! Every one loves a discount or special offer especially when it comes to trying out a studio or gym for the first time. Test out different promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while keeping track of what promotions drive the most traffic.

3. Recipes

We all got to eat! Food is one of the most efficient ways to grab attention on social media. Gym go-ers and healthy eating go hand in hand. Fitness lovers want to be educated on healthy eating and tips for eating post workout. Post recipes and food articles that will stand out on a cluttered social media feed. 

4. Polls

Communicate with your clients! As a business owner you want your clients to be engaged in your business; boost your engagement with your clients by allowing them to communicate their thoughts through polls. Use the feedback to benefit the business and tweak any negatives you may hear. 

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