Get Your Sales in Shape This Spring Break Season


41.9% of people said their New Year’s resolution was to lead a healthier lifestyle, and 39.6% of people said it was to lose weight. As commitments to those New Year’s resolutions start to falter, your gym needs to jump-start your customers’ motivation by enticing them with spring break specials. 

Ensure your gym or fitness center not only retains current customers but also attracts new ones with these three tips:

1. Specialize in Spring Break

By offering your current and prospective clients deals and specials, they will have no excuse to avoid getting in shape. Entice customers with discounted membership rates or personal training packages that can be customized to fit their needs, and see your sales skyrocket.

2. Commence The Competition

Set your gym or fitness center apart from your competitors by hosting a competition amongst your customers to motivate them to get moving. Set the bar high and give a worthy prize; whoever has the strongest attendance record, increases their one-rep max the most, or decreases their mile pace the most wins a cash prize or vacation for two. By upping the fitness ante, you motivate your clients to visit your gym more often, boosting member retention and membership renewal.

3. Lure with a Loyalty Program

Encourage your customers to commit to fitness by offering a loyalty program. For every visit to the gym, they earn a certain amount of points to be later redeemed for prizes, discounts on memberships, or free personal training sessions. Offering incentives to your clients ultimately motivates them to work out with your fitness center and minimizes the competition between you and your competitors. 

By implementing these suggestions into your gym or fitness center’s marketing strategies, you invite both current and prospective customers to feel their best with help from your business.

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