How Do I Add Nutritional information?

by SinglePlatform | June 13, 2018

First, you need to be log into your SinglePlatform account.

Then it’s a breeze to add nutritional information, like spiciness, calories, or diet restrictions to items on your menu. After, the changes will appear on your SinglePage and quickly populated where your menu is published.

  1. Click on the menu item you would like to add information to.
  2. At the top of the screen, check-off what kind of information you’ll be adding. This will add the option to each menu item.
  3. Fill in the box for the information you’re adding. The label for this information will be added when it appears on your SinglePage and listings menu, so don’t worry that you’re not seeing it now.
  4. Optional: If your info has a range, you can check off the box labeled Price Range or Calorie Range and enter your low and high numbers to create a range.

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