Local Listings Information—Where Does It Come From?


Over the past few years, the way consumers find and choose restaurants, spas, contractors, stores, and entertainment has evolved dramatically. No longer are people turning to print magazines, local guides, and newspapers to find information about businesses—they’re performing online searches. Ensuring that your business appears in local search results is a crucial marketing effort. Not only do you want your business listed, you also want your business information to be complete and accurate everywhere consumers are looking.

However, this is easier said that done. You may have already researched your online listings and found a variety of misinformation on different sites and apps. And you may be wondering where, exactly, these publishers get their local listings information from.

While each publisher has its own methods for gathering and validating data, the 6 main sources are:

1. Consumers

Some sites and apps allow users to add information about a business, regardless of whether or not they’re affiliated with the business.

2. Business direct claims/submissions

This is when someone directly affiliated with the business provides information to publishers.

3. Listing management services

These services (such as SinglePlatform) help small businesses manage their listings across multiple publishers from a single location.

4. Data aggregators

This source compiles business listing information from multiple channels such as public records, surveys, utilities, merchants, agencies, and web-mining efforts.

5. Vertical-specific providers

This source gathers and sells category-specific business information to others.

6. Scraping

Some publishers use scripts to extract or “scrape” business information from websites.

With all of these sources providing publishers with information, the task of reclaiming your local listings may seem daunting. But never fear. Our latest publication, “The Mechanics of Local Listings,” will walk you through the steps you should take to make sure your business has a cohesive presence across all local search sites and apps. Download the free eBook today.

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