How a Busy Marketer Stays on Top of Her Online Listings


Managing the online presence for a gourmet restaurant, a boutique bakery, and a premier wedding and event venue is a task that most people wouldn’t consider taking on.
But that’s the task Deena takes on every single day as marketing manager for a New Jersey-based hospitality company.

“As marketing manager, I’m responsible for maintaining the web presence for our company and its properties across a multitude of media outlets,” says Deena. “That includes keeping our website up-to-date, but also means interacting with our customers and making sure we are in all the places we need to be.”

According to Deena, the biggest challenge in taking on this impressive task is deciding how to manage her most valuable resource — time.

“Today, there are just so many places we need to be. Weaving through all these different platforms can be a huge time commitment,” says Deena. “As a company, we want to get the most from the work that we’re doing, but also don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get our name out there.”

Deena was referred to SinglePlatform, a local business listing platform. She signed on hoping it would help put some time back into her busy schedule.

“I felt like we were doing a good job keeping up, but when we found out that there was a tool that looked easy-to-use and would let us update everything in one place, we decided to give it a shot,” says Deena.

Multiple properties, one platform

Working with a SinglePlatform success manager, Deena uploaded business details for the company’s restaurant, bakery and event venue—into SinglePlatform.

In addition to business information like name, hours, and location, Deena was able to upload menus for the restaurant and bakery, and a list of services offered at the event venue.

With SinglePlatform, Deena could publish this informaton across the SinglePlatform publisher network, including review sites, search engines, and mobile apps like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Urbanspoon.

“Being able to log in, update our menus, and see where our information is being distributed has been a huge time-saver,” says Deena. “I don’t have to go to each of these sites and update our information. I can do it once, and know that our menus are staying up-to-date.”

A tale of three venues

In addition to saving time and helping her take control of the information people are seeing when they view the properties online, Deena says that SinglePlatform offers a number of benefits for each venue.

For the restaurant and bakery, being able to have their menus accessible on mobile apps like Foursquare and Urbanspoon has given both locations an unexpected advantage.

“When people are on-the-go and they are looking for a place to eat in their area, they’re pulling out their phones and want to be able to look at menus on a mobile device,” says Deena. “For our restaurant and bakery, it’s so important that they’re able to find our menus and see what we have to offer because it can really make the difference when people are deciding where to eat.”

For the event venue, which hosts more than 100 wedding per year, Deena says that the tool has made it easier to promote everything that the premier wedding venue has to offer.

“For newly engaged couples, finding a venue for their wedding is one of the most important decisions they need to make,” says Deena. “We know that they will be searching online, wanting to see what each venue has to offer and will make their decision based on that.”

Continuing to grow with SinglePlatform

More than two decades after opening its first location back in 1992, Deena’s hospitality company continues to deliver outstanding experiences to every guest who eats in their restaurant, visits their bakery, or attends an event at their venue.

With this commitment to excellence and the right tools to help them get their name in front of their audience online, the company will continue to bring new customers through their doors for decades to come.

Want to learn more about how SinglePlatform can help your small business connect with consumers online? Check out our website.

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