3 Things to Know About Fixing Your Google Listing


As more people are turning to the web for their search needs, one of the most important tasks for small business owners is fixing the errors on the Google listing for their business. There are a few methods to go about fixing an error on a Google listing as well as different opinions on which method is best. Learn more about these methods to decide which would be the best for you and your business. 

1.    Suggest an Edit

If you have already noticed that your business listing on Google is providing incorrect information to your current and potential customers, you can suggest an edit.  Find your business’s online listing by searching for your restaurant via Google and clicking on the listing on the right of your screen. This will bring up Google Maps as well as your complete business listing. If you look at the bottom of your listing on Google, you will find a section that allows you to click and suggest an edit. As a security measure, Google asks you to verify if you are the business owner to prevent people from altering listings that do not belong to them.

2.    Google My Business

In June of 2014, Google announced the launch of a new tool called “Google My Business”. This is a platform created to help business owners manage their listing content on Google. SmallBiztrends.com reports that The Google My Business tool is a resource for business owners to manage how your business listing appears in sections of Google searches, including the main search pages, Google Maps, and Google Earth. This tool has the advantage of giving the business owner a platform to update multiple pieces of information within the listings shown on Google. Learn more about ‎how to get started.

3.   SinglePlatform

SinglePlatform is a tool used by small businesses in the US and Canada to help them update and manage listing data on Google as well as Yelp, TripAdvisor, YP.com and many more top review sites and mobile apps. The service is conveniently offered as a no contract subscription at a reasonable monthly rate. SinglePlatform users have the ability to update their business listings including their name, address, phone number, menu, or list of services everywhere that matters online. Get SinglePlatform now.

In short, fixing an error in your Google listing is an easy issue to resolve. The three options discussed are all viable ways to go about making an edit. For more marketing tips and trends follow SinglePlatform on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For updates straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter below:

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