New BrightLocal Research Reveals Online Business Accuracy is Crucial


Inaccurate business information online is detrimental to your restaurant’s reputation. Hopefully, you already know that having the wrong information about your business online is a no-no. Now, there’s brand new research to back it up.

BrightLocal recently released a Local Citations Trust Report, in which they surveyed over 1,000 US consumers about inaccuracy in business listings. The responses were staggering.

Today, we explore the results of this research and how you can avoid inaccuracy online for your business.

68% of consumers would stop using a local business if they found incorrect information in online directories. (Local Citations Trust Report, BrightLocal, 2018)

The amount of consumers who’d boycott a business due to inaccurate information isn’t surprising, as I’ve even had this experience myself.

Not too long ago I checked online for a local Italian restaurant in my area and found one with great ratings on Google. Their Google listing said they were open until 9 pm, so I walked there for dinner, just to find that they were closed (lights off, chairs stacked, no staff in sight). I was extremely irritated that the restaurant did not have their correct business hours online and my hunger only made it worse. Needless to say, I never returned to that location because I was frustrated by the wrong information I was given.

BrightLocal also found that 93% of consumers say they are frustrated by incorrect information in online directories. I was definitely annoyed that day and understand why so many respondents expressed this same disdain.

30% of consumers would go to a competitor if they couldn’t locate a business because of incorrect information found online. (Local Citations Trust Report, BrightLocal, 2018)

You don’t want to lose any business to your competitors, but of course, it’s going to happen from time to time. Poor customer service and quality of food are valid reasons for a diner to choose to eat elsewhere, which is why business owners put effort into training their staff and perfecting their recipes. However, how your business information is represented online may not be top of mind for you. It should be.

The majority of people use search engines to discover new businesses and you want your restaurant to provide accurate information on all of those platforms they’re searching on. If there is a wrong address or phone number on one of the major search engines, you’ll be disappointing a large number of potential customers.

80% of consumers lose trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names online. (Local Citations Trust Report, BrightLocal, 2018)

The ability to trust someone is the cornerstone of any interpersonal relationship. Although your business isn’t human, you should treat it like one when it comes to trust. How you conduct business, as the owner, is a direct reflection of yourself as a person. Your business’ online presence is just as important as how you manage operations in-house.

Think about it in the context of social media. Most of us have social profiles that we update with posts, photos, and comments. Many of our followers form opinions about who we are based on what they see on our social channels. If you’re posting content online that isn’t a true reflection of yourself, other individuals are going to be confused, and even disappointed, when they meet you in real life.

Similarly, if your business doesn’t accurately represent itself across websites and apps, people will form opinions about it that may not even be based on an in-house experience. A lot of the time, the discovery of your business begins online, which is why it’s extremely crucial to have all of your business information correct in all the places that matter.

Where to Begin?

It’s clear that consumers are extremely disappointed with inaccurate online information about a business. As they should be! In a world where 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, it’s obvious that most hungry researchers are using search engines on their laptops and smartphones to discover new places to eat. First impressions are everything, so make yours count.

When looking to improve the accuracy of your business’ online presence, the process can seem overwhelming. Think of all the websites and apps people are using for discovery. One individual may use Google to find a restaurant, then head over to TripAdvisor to read reviews about the place, look at user-generated photos on Yelp, and then finally book a reservation there on OpenTable.

As mentioned, you want your business information (and your menu) correctly posted on all of those sites, plus many others. But, the task of making multiple updates on multiple sites, like seasonal hour changes and new phone number, will become a time-consuming chore. Plus, it’s easy to forget to make a change on just one of the many sites people use on a daily basis. We’re not saying it can’t be done, but the process will be tedious.

As a restaurant owner, you’ve got a lot going on. Running your business is top priority and we understand the demands of the hospitality industry. That’s why we’re here to help when it comes to bolstering your online presence.

A menu management company’s prime concern is to get your restaurant’s information and menus across all of these places people are searching. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We’ve already formed partnerships with publishers, like Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, AppleMaps, and many more, to get your information accurately in the places it needs to be. Why waste your time making manual updates when you can just hand off the work to us?

When working with a menu management company, like SinglePlatform, you can rest assured that you’ll be providing your customers with accurate information, whether they’re looking for your updated business hours or the seasonal dinner menu. Never let a potential diner become a lost customer because of inaccurate online information again.

To learn more about what SinglePlatform can to do help your business’ online visibility, contact us today! We look forward to working with you to help you stand out everywhere that matters online.

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