How to Write the Best Menu for Your Bar


Here at SinglePlatform, we have bars on our mind as we prepare for The Nightclub and Bar Show 2016. For all the bar owners, we want to provide a few tips on how to best write your menu from a marketing prescriptive. The menu is the first thing that people are handed when they sit down and will be seen by almost everyone who comes in. Pay attention to your menu and make sure that it portrays the right image of your bar. 

You will want to focus on highlighting signature items on your menu. This allows you to create something for the bar to be known by, which can help create repeat customers. For example, if your bar is located in a college town, name an appetizer based off of your school mascot. If that doesn’t appeal to you, another idea would be creating an eating challenge. For example, eat 50 chicken wings and get a free t-shirt and your picture posted on the wall.  

Also you should remember that your menu is more than a list a food. It’s a piece of content marketing. Use memorable and fun names for dishes. You can base names off your location, the history of the bar, or pop culture. These names add to the overall ambiance and can enhance a customer’s experience.  

Word placement within the menu is also important. You want to strategically write out your menu, for example, placing the names of drinks above the descriptions of drinks. This may seem like a small task but it can have an impact on your sales. If the names are easier to see, the drinks are easier to order, which can result in more sales. 

If you liked these tips, make sure to check us out at the Nightclub & Bar Show 2016 March 7th-9th. We will be raffling off a free iPad at booth #1124. Don’t forget to stop by Ron Cates’s Breakout Session: You’re Social, Now What? Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level on March 7th at 10:00am.


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