How To: Add a Menu to Your SinglePage


Having a searchable menu online is extremely important in an age where 93% of people are reading online menus before choosing where to dine. People are constantly turning to search engines and review sites like Google, Bing, Yelp, and TripAdvisor to research restaurants, and if you’re not in the places that matter online, chances are you won’t be discovered by new diners.

It’s equally as important to keep menus up to date! When customers are looking for places to eat, they want the most accurate information. If you change menu items seasonally, or even if you just have price or ingredient updates, you should always reflect those changes online as well.

With SinglePlatform, it’s easy to update your menu in our portal. Of course, you can always take the DIFM (Do it for me) approach, but if you prefer to handle menu updates on your own, we’ll show you how in this tutorial.

How to Add a Menu

Adding a menu to your offerings is done by clicking the Add new menu button toward the top right of the Menus section. Customers can select which menu to read on your SinglePage from the Menus dropdown. This is a great way to handle daily specials, seasonal specials, or a holiday menu.

1. Click on the Add a new menu button. A blank menu will open.

2. Enter your Menu Name and Menu Description.

3. Now enter your Section Name (this is required).

4. You can add a Section Description.

5. Next, start adding the items that belong on this menu.

6. Click the Save Draft button when you’re done.

7. Then click Preview to see how it all looks on your SinglePage.

8. When you’re finished, click on Publish.

How to Add Nutritional Information

Add nutritional information, like a spice rating, the amount of calories a menu item has, or a diet type, once you have added items to your menu. This additional info will appear on your SinglePage.

1. Click on the menu item you would like to add information to.

2. At the top of the screen, check-off what kind of information you’ll be adding. This will add the option to each menu item.

3. Click into an item where you want to add the nutritional information, and check the boxes applicable. The nutritional information will appear on your Singlepage and listings menu.

4. Optional: If your info has a range, you can check-off the box labeled Price Range or Calorie Range and enter your low and high numbers to create a range.

How to Update Prices

Each item that has a price can be updated by clicking on that item, and then clicking in the price field. You can also add a label or unit price to your item to help your customers understand what they’re getting.

1. Click on the item in your menu that needs a price change.

2. Click inside the price field and update the price.

3. Optional: You can add a Price Label to help clarify what your customer is buying.

4. This is how it will look on the SinglePage

5. Optional: Use a Price Unit if you sell this item by the dozen or some other quantity.

6. This is what it will look like on your SinglePage menu.

7. If you need to remove a Price Label or a Price Unit, go into the field and delete the content, un-check the boxes, then click Publish. Your content will then be removed.

Having your menu online is extremely crucial for driving more customers to your business! It’s easy to update your menu in the SinglePlatform portal to ensure it’s always accurate and up to date. We hope this tutorial was helpful. Happy updating!

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