How to: Change the Order of Your Menu Items


You’ve already mastered uploading your menu in the SinglePlatform portal, linking your menu to Facebook, and claiming your business on important search engines and review sites. What’s next? Well, maybe you’ve decided that after learning a little more about menu engineering you want to switch up the order of your menu items. You’re in luck! Within the SinglePlatform portal, making changes to your menu is easy as dragging and dropping. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of reordering your menu, menu items, and sections so you can always keep your content up to date.

Reorder Published Menus

The order of your menus (if you have more than one) is seen in the Menus section of your account. When a customer clicks on the More Menus pulldown menu on your SinglePage and other listing sites, they can select which menu to read. If you want to change the order of your menus:

  1. Click Edit on the menu whose position you want to change.
  2. Click inside the box to the left of the name and change the number to be the new position you want it to be.
    Note: The menu in the top position is number “0”.

3. Click on the Menus section button in the left navigation bar to                  verify the menu order is correct.

4. Note: This is how it will look on your SinglePage.

Reorder Menu Items

  1. Once you’re in a specific menu, place your cursor over the item you want to move, and click down on the handle to the left that appears.
  2. Drag your item to its new position.
  3. Release your mouse.

Reordering menu items is as easy as that! Let’s take a look at reordering sections next.

Reorder Sections

  1. Place your cursor inside the section you want to move, but not inside of a field.
  2. Click down and drag the section to its new position. You will not see a handle or the cursor change shape.
  3. Release your mouse. Now the item will be in its new position.

Congratulations – you are now a menu reordering master! Need help or want us to do the work for you? No problem – contact us via email or at 929-254-0250.

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