How a Niche Service Business Helps People Find Them


Michael Himelfarb, founder of Global Prevention Services, a mold-removal company with locations across the US, knows that his company is unlike most service businesses.
“Finding someone when you have a water emergency or a mold problem isn’t like finding a place to buy tires. You can’t just look in any newspaper or call up the same guy you’ve been going to for 40 years,” says Michael. “Looking for a person that’s reliable and knows what they’re doing can be a hassle.”

For Michael, marketing his niche company effectively means making it easy for people to find Global Prevention Services when they really need them.

“We’ve tried TV, we’ve tried radio, but traditional advertising really never made sense for us,” Michael explains. “People need to find us in a moment’s notice. That’s why we think the internet offers the biggest opportunity.”

Over the last few years, Global Prevention Services has worked to build an online presence any way that they can.

Doing so has presented new challenges.

“Keeping up with all of the different listings sites and platforms hasn’t been easy,” says Michael. “The information that’s out there really hangs around. So if our information changes, the stuff people are finding on a lot of these pages might not be accurate.”

Michael decided to look for a better way to tackle this ongoing problem since being found by potential customers is crucial for the success of his company.

“I wanted to find a company that could start to help us consolidate various vendor relationships into one, and would understand our business and take the time to do things right,” says Michael. “I also wanted help getting our business on to the sites we needed to be on, and really help clean things up.”

In 2013, Michael found SinglePlatform from Constant Contact.

“The concept of having a single source that can take you to the breadth of the internet, is certainly a great idea,” says Michael. “I also liked the relationship with Constant Contact, because we had used Constant Contact for marketing in the past.”

Within SinglePlatform, Michael was able to upload his company’s information and automatically create a mobile-optimized page that includes a listing of their services, information about their safe and effective solutions, and background about why other customers have chosen Global Prevention Services in the past.

With the company’s information now available on SinglePlatform, Michael could then have his information shared across the SinglePlatform publisher network — including Yelp, YellowPages, and Foursquare.

He also added the listing to the Global Prevention Services Facebook Page, so that people searching for help on social media could easily find his business’s information.

For Michael, the benefit of delivering a better way for potential customers to access this information has been clear.

“Our story is long, and it takes quite a bit of time to really tell why we are different and why we should be considered,” says Michael. “By having our list of services out there and knowing that we can update them when we need to, we’re able to tell our story and give people the information they need.”

What’s next?

Michael says that he is excited to do more with SinglePlatform in the future, and would recommend the tool to other businesses faced with similar challenges.

“I would recommend SinglePlatform to anyone in our situation who is also trying to get everything together,” says Michael. “SinglePlatform is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. It is an affordable way to attempt to keep these directories in line.”

If you want a partner in managing your online business listings, SinglePlatform is here to help! Visit our site to learn more about our services.

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