Ways to Make Your Local Business Stand Out in 2016


Well – almost.

But the New Year is right around the corner and it’s time to start plotting out some resolutions for the upcoming year. Setting aside a New Years resolution is a way to personally better yourself and maybe even those that surround you on a daily basis.

For local business owners, the new year can be seen as a time for a fresh start. It’s a time where they can continue to harp on the things that were successful in the past year and it’s a time to learn from any mistakes they might’ve made in the previous year.

In order for these local business owners to find success, they must take advantage of the resurgent listing sites to advertise their businesses most appealing attributes and products. With New Years approaching, they can continue to find success on many listing sites (Yelp, TripAdvisor and FaceBook to name a few) by following these four steps and protocols in 2016.



Instagram was everything in 2014. It somehow got bigger in 2015. It’s set to take over the social media game in 2016. Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing tools due to it being so easy to access and it is fun to use. Many businesses have  seen success and a larger audience due to an active Instagram handle.

Over 53% of adults  ages 18-30 used the device in 2015 and that number will only continue to grow in new  year. It is a way to promote and advertise a company’s most appealing attributes with just  one click of the button (and maybe a couple of filters in between). It is vital to stay up-to-date with Instagram because more pictures will bring more viewers.

2) Can We Yelp You?

It should come as no surprise that more and more businesses are showing up on Yelp, but for local businesses to continue to thrive in their respective areas, they need to advertise that they are on arguably the most popular search engine. You’ll see the sign in the front window of the building ‘Find Us on Yelp.’  

See? Told ya.

This is because businesses want to see what their customers think of their product/items. It shows that they care about their customers. Happy customers=happy office. Which leads us to #3….

3) The Customer is Always Right

It comes with the territory of owning a business – there will always be criticism about your product or your items. People are expressing their joy and distaste with companies all over these search engines daily. However, it’s important to take that criticism with a grain of salt and learn from your mistakes.

As Yelp, TripAdvisor and these other listing sites continue to grow in 2016, more customers and critics will write their reviews on these pages. Even if the review could be seen as discriminating or out of line, learn from what they say and make your business better so no one else will write those reviews again.

4) Create Local Buzz About New Items

It’s important to follow the top trends and fads of the new year, whatever they may be to attract new customers. But hypothetically, let’s say no one knows about the new products yet and it hasn’t been published on any search engines.

Have your friends and your most frequently visited customers spread the word to create a buzz around town about the new product. And hey – if word gets around to enough people, maybe throw in a company discount? Remember – happy customers=happy office!

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