7 Step Checklist for Pet Groomers, Boarders, & Trainers this Small Business Saturday


Taking place the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a day that is dedicated to supporting small businesses by encouraging consumers to buy local. Started in 2010 by American Express and recognized nationally as a holiday in 2011, small business sales are projected to increase to $14.5 billion dollars on Small Business Saturday alone.

With more and more consumers participating in the holiday each year, how will your pet business take advantage to maximize sales?

Here are 7 tips that all pet groomers, boarders, and trainers can use to make the most of this year’s Small Business Saturday:

1. Be Competitive

What kinds of specials and deals will you offer to set your business apart from competitors? By being aware of the promotions other pet businesses are offering on Small Business Saturday, you allow your business the advantage of being prepared with deals and specials that are competitive with those around you.

2. Be Online

93% of people will research a business before visiting it, making it crucial that consumers can easily access your business across the web. Putting your business on social media in addition to having an updated website allows you to promote your specials and deals for Small Business Saturday on multiple platforms, connecting you with the largest audience possible.

3. Make It An Event

Entice people to use your business for all of their pet service needs by creating deals and specials that provide them with the best deal possible. For example, give customers that book appointments with you on Small Business Saturday discounts on items like treats and toys.


4. Excite Your Employees

Encourage employees to help by involving them with the planning process. By holding staff contests to name a unique grooming style or asking employees to put together a holiday playlist for pet owners and pets to groove to, you make this event as exciting for employees as it is for customers.

5. Extend Your Hours

By extending your business’ hours during Small Business Saturday, you allow your business the opportunity to maximize sales by attracting late night or early morning shoppers. Appealing to consumers’ busy schedules this holiday season will lead to greater customer satisfaction, and therefore, a greater likelihood of consumers using you for their pet service needs again in the future.

6. Announce Your Offerings

By sending emails to frequent customers or posting advertisements for Small Business Saturday on your social media pages, you increase awareness of the goods and services you offer to both regular and potential customers, making them more likely to visit your business on the day of the event.

7. Review Results and Thank You Notes!

Reflect on what your business did right or wrong this holiday season. Which areas did you succeed in and which ones have room for improvement? By asking for feedback from both employees and customers, you have the opportunity to make next year’s event even better. Showing appreciation for the customers who participated in the event by sending a thank you note also goes along way – it shows that your business values their overall experience.

For more tips and tricks on how to have the most successful Small Business Saturday event this year, check out our comprehensive eGuide here.

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