3 Simple Ways to Build Your Pet Care Business


When it comes to owning and operating your own pet service business, it can be hard to know what areas of your business to focus on for success. Here, we’ve compiled some of the industry’s best practices on how to both gain new clients and maintain the ones you currently have.

Get Social

It should come as no surprise that now, more than ever consumers are consulting the internet before they make any sort of purchasing decision, especially when it comes to their pets! According to a recent PSI survey, “More than half of Professional Pet Sitters are also using at least one social media platform to promote their pet-sitting services.” Similarly, PetSit.com explains that it can be extremely valuable to schedule daily posts via social media (Facebook & Twitter) that offer timely pet-care tips. Provide advice to potential clients, as well as existing clients, and portray your company as knowledgeable and influential. Remember, you’re the expert!

Be Unique

In the crowded pet services sector, it’s easy to get lost in the mix, so make sure you are standing out amongst your competition. That Mutt reports that making your company stand out is one of the most important keys to gaining new business. Diversify your services from your competition. Whether it is luxurious pampering or natural sustainability, find your niche! Ensure that you have something to offer that your competition doesn’t.  

Encourage Feedback

It can be hard for many of us to hear criticism about something that we worked on tirelessly. But business owners shouldn’t fear complaints. Feedback is meant to help build your business up, not shoot you down. According to PetSitUSA.com, “50% of your pet sitting clients who complain about your service would do business with your pet sitting company again if their complaints were handled satisfactorily.” Feedback is a gift and an opportunity, not only to inspire loyalty from your customers but also to better understand how to meet your customer’s needs. 

Following these best practices will help you build and sustain a healthy business in the booming pet service industry. For more tips and industry news, be sure to follow @SinglePlatform on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Check out our new Instagram

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