5 Kinds of Apps to Consider for Your Bar or Restaurant


Whether you’re looking to switch things up for your restaurant or you’re looking to take your workflow to the next level, using an apps can only be an assistance in your operations.

There are a number of uses for apps in today’s food service industry. But finding the correct apps can make for a tough time.

When it comes to really improving your restaurant’s workflow, your operations management, and your customer service, there are some apps that really come in handy, like:

  1. Social Media/Website Apps
  2. Messaging Apps
  3. POS Apps
  4. Event Management Apps
  5. Dining and Nutrition Apps

So let’s get started on seeing how these apps can add some extra spice to your restaurant’s daily management and operations.

1. Social Media/Website Apps

group of freinds on social media

Using social media and other online tools to your advantage will improve your management abilities significantly, from both a marketing and an operations perspective.

If using social media/website apps is what you’re interested in for your restaurant, you should take the opportunity to:

  • Film videos. Using social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook to take videos of your restaurant and its environment is an effective marketing technique that brings more customers to your business. Make sure to film your restaurant at peak hours or to film during promotional events to convey the excitement and vibe of your restaurant correctly to your viewers.
  • Pick the right social media platforms. Sometimes Twitter might be useful for your restaurant, and sometimes Instagram might be the right way to go. Consider what your restaurant needs at that particular time and make the decision based on your thoughtful assessment. A platform like Instagram might be more useful for taking videos and photographs while a platform like Twitter might help more in informing your customers on the day-to-day happenings in your restaurant.
  • Use WordPress plugins. Using the right WordPress plugins and apps means you can manage your restaurant’s website. This can be especially helpful for restaurants that conduct staff and order management through their website, as some apps can improve functionality through those platforms .Even using wordpress ecommerce plugins can help your restaurant’s management capabilities.

Using social media or other website apps like this can be extremely effective when trying to improve your restaurant’s marketing. Don’t wait to use them!

Communication between customers and staff plays a major part in your restaurant’s operations, including booking and management.

2. Messaging Apps

woman on smartphone texting

Messaging apps not only make the booking process more efficient, they also do wonders to increase customer satisfaction.

While messaging apps can’t necessarily be integrated with a bar pos system or a restaurant point-of-sale system, they work very well when they’re both a part of the same workflow.

There are a number of problems and activities that a messaging app can help your restaurant with. For example, it can help you:

  • Retain your customers. Messaging apps are fun and convenient for customers to use and take away a lot of the headaches involved in booking a table. This means that having a messaging app as a part of your restaurant’s workflow and booking process will be greatly appreciated by both customers and staff alike. Plus there are plenty of messaging apps that are easy to use.
  • Promote your restaurant’s deals. Once your customers have decided to use the messaging app, you can promote your restaurant’s deals with the app itself. Most customers enjoy being informed of great deals and promotion nights from their favorite nights.
  • Manage booking and reservations. The prime purpose of messaging apps is to make the booking and reservation process easier. Nothing is more frustrating for a restaurant manager than an error made during the booking process. Messaging apps eliminate the possibility for these kinds of mistakes by opening up a clearer path of communication between the management, the host, and the customer.

A messaging app can help your restaurant out with any of these major tasks. Give it a shot, and watch your restaurant’s workflow and efficiency improve in no time.

3. POS (Point-of-Sale) Apps

crowded coffee shop with employees and customers

POS systems and the apps they use can be a big help when it comes to restaurant management, especially when looking at ways to run your restaurant’s operations more effectively.

Curious about how a POS system and its app can help out your bar or restaurant? Remember that with a point-of-sale system and its app, you can:

  • Employ mobile POS management. Modern point-of-sale systems can be used from mobile locations for on-the-go restaurant management. POS systems with mobile kiosks, especially, are helpful in this situation and can accommodate a variety of unique food service situations. Food trucks and smaller food stands will value this kind of flexibility in their highly mobile service environments.
  • Track customer and restaurant data. Point-of-sale systems can keep great track of customer trends and restaurant management statistics, allowing you to spend time on your day-to-day operations while your POS system collects data that can improve your management and marketing strategies. Information like this can improve customer service and restaurant workflow in one pass.

Try out these ideas when you’re looking for ways to expand your POS usage. They can be a great help to any restaurant in need.

4. Event Management Apps

waitress setting up a table for a party

While underestimated in the restaurant industry, event management apps can come in handy if your restaurant is a pinch for organizing promotions or special-themed nights.

In case you’re at a loss about how event management apps can help your restaurant management, keep in mind that you can:

  • Work with local organizations. There are always local organizations that would love to hold their fundraiser or team-building night at your restaurant. Whether it’s a local sports team or a friendly charity, these organizations usually are in need of sponsors and hosts, and that means more customers for your restaurant.  Having an event-management app on hand means you can organize these situations easily and not have to change around your restaurant’s workflow too much.
  • Find alternatives to Eventbrite. While Eventbrite is a popular tool for organizing events, there are a number of software and app-based alternatives to eventbrite that could more directly address your restaurant’s needs. Maybe your event has tickets or is with a specialized nonprofit organization, and eventbrite won’t cut it. If that’s the case, check out Fonteva’s article on eventbrite alternatives to get started.

Follow suggestions to combine your event management and restaurant management skills into one great strategy, and you should be having no problem throwing great events at your restaurant.

5. Dining and Nutrition Apps

person on smartphone looking at a nutrition app while eating cake

Dieting and nutrition apps are constantly being developed that could help put your restaurant on the map.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pizza restaurant or serving gourmet french food, you can work with these apps to improve your restaurant marketing and your management skills.

If you need some ways to use these dining and nutrition apps, don’t forget that you can always:

  • Advertise your dietary specialties. Some restaurant and nutrition apps keep track of the dietary restrictions or specialities found in each restaurant. If your restaurant offers vegan food or follows kosher restrictions, these apps can be a great aid in attracting specialty customers to your restaurant, especially if those customers are few and far between sometimes.
  • Get customer feedback. Some of these nutrition and dining apps allow for customers reviews and feedback to given. You can use this feedback to improve your restaurant’s service and workflow, and if the review is especially positive you could even ask to publish it on your restaurant’s website.
  • Spot special marketing opportunities for diets. With keto and paleo diets becoming mainstays in the nutritional world, some restaurants are taking this opportunity to adjust to the trends and offer meals specifically oriented towards these diets. If your restaurant is one of those, then you can indicate that on dieting and dining apps to make sure that your customers are well-informed.

Use these tips whenever you’re looking to expand your restaurant’s online presence into the wonderful world of dining and nutrition apps.

In Closing

flat lay of people eating dinner burgers and fries

The world of apps and restaurant management might make an unlikely pairing, but when you choose the right apps for your restaurant operations, it can make all the difference.

All of these apps can be instrumental in upgrading your restaurant management skills or in changing up your restaurant’s service style. Take advantage of them and watch the results happen in no time.

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