How to Deliver Great In-Person Customer Service


In some ways, in-person customer service is the easiest kind. You can read someone’s emotions and responses much better face-to-face, and you’ll likely be able to solve the person’s problem then and there, rather than having to promise a forthcoming fix. It can also be the most challenging channel because you have no buffer between you and a potentially upset customer.
These 5 easy-to-implement tips will help you bring your A-game when it comes to in-person customer service.

1. Proactively Offer Assistance

If a customer looks confused, aimless, or in need of help, don’t wait for them to flag you down. Offering assistance proactively will make a positive impression on the customer.

2. Smile.

It’s a simple thing to remember, but it really does make a difference. Set a positive tone before you even say a word by giving the customer a smile. Sometimes, a friendly sign is all the impetus a customer needs to engage with you; if they never see it, they might just walk out of your store without making a purchase.

3. Watch Your Body Language.

When faced with a crabby patron, it’s easy to let one’s body language become defensive, even if your tone and words don’t. Crossed arms, head shaking, forceful hand gestures, or toe tapping won’t endear you to the customer any more than it would endear you to an angry spouse or friend. Be conscious of your actions as well as your tone and words.

4. Stay Focused.

In an in-person setting, it’s easy to be distracted by other patrons, employees, ringing phones, etc. Make an effort to focus your full attention on the person you’re helping when you’re helping them, regardless of who else might need your help or what else is going on in your surroundings.

5. Offer Something Extra.

An in-store setting makes it easy to offer a little something extra. A free product, extra service, or discount can be a great way to add value for the customer and secure their good opinion of your business.

The Bottom Line

In-person customer service is the most personal kind. Be proactive, friendly, and attentive, and you’ll be able to turn even the most aggrieved customers into loyal fans of your business.

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