How to Effectively Communicate With Your Customers


Over 75% of consumers prefer to interact with local businesses digitally, as opposed to by phone, text, or traditional mail. Because quality customer service is a huge factor, it is vital to provide your customers what they want. Switch from traditional to digital communication, and make it easier for your customers to get the information they need, the way they want to be reached. Here are three ways to make the switch and satisfy your customers:

1. Be Social

Ditch face-to-face for Facebook because almost half of your consumers expect to engage with you on this social media platform. By updating your Facebook page periodically and inviting your customers to post about their experiences, you pave the way for successful online communication – something they expect you to facilitate.

2. Be Informative

84% of consumers say they want to receive helpful advice and tips from local businesses regarding products or services. Not only does the extra information benefit your customers, it makes your business seem more credible and trustworthy; prompting them to continue purchasing from you.

3. Be Responsible

According to Yodle, over 50% of consumers say they prefer email reminders for appointments and service updates. By keeping track of your customers’ appointments, you make their lives easier and make your business look better. Taking on the task of reminding your customers about their upcoming obligations shows you value their time and your quality of customer service.

By taking these steps to reach customers the way they want to be reached with the information they’re looking for, you promote your business’ reputation and customer service.

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