Presentation is Everything


When it comes to dining (and drinking) out, visual presentation is everything. It takes 1.5 seconds for a wine label to make an impression on us. Talk about fast right? Before someone can speak two words, they will have been affected by the design of a wine bottle.

Deciding to purchase is based on three key factors; if it grabs attention, looks expensive, and sells for a value price, the consumer is more likely to convert to a customer. Overall, it is clear that when something is aesthetically pleasing it is more likely to be a popular purchase amongst consumers.

This concept doesn’t just apply to wine. Restaurant chefs have noticed that in order to have the top dishes on their menu sell, the food needs to be presented in a way that is appetizing to the eye as well as to the palate. Perhaps this is because the effort put into the presentation of a dish makes consumers feel that their food is made with their dining experience in mind. According to Charles Spence, a Professor at The University of Oxford, “When you see presentation, you can see that someone has put effort into it, and that may convey expectations and impact the experience.” When people see that a chef put a personal twist or extra pizzazz into the presentation of an entrée, they are more likely to not only have a positive dining experience, but also visit the restaurant again in the future.

By appealing to diners’ senses through visual presentation, you empower your business to not only increase your sales, but your customers’ overall satisfaction as well.

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