Portion Size and Restaurant Sales


It is no surprise that more and more people are becoming calorie conscious. With obesity becoming a major issue in the United States, restaurants need to re-evaluate how they prepare and serve their food to keep their customers. According to the National Restaurant Association, “Two out of every three American adults are now either overweight or obese.” Restaurants need to adjust, by offering healthy alternatives and smaller portions to keep their customers coming back.

More than 80 percent of dinners eat out once or more throughout the week. In order to keep that percentage high, restaurants have to modify their menu to accommodate all types of diners. Excluding fine dining establishments, everyday eateries should consider offering half portions and healthier options to keep people coming through the doors. Displaying nutritional information is a great way to attract customers who are concerned about eating healthfully.

Using smaller bowls and plates and taller, narrower glasses is a strategy that many dietitians recommend for curbing portions. Dietitians also recommend using more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to make plates look fuller and attractive without overdoing it.

With the FDA mandating that restaurant chains display their calorie information on all menus, portion sizing is bound to be affected. Dinners are taking the time to be informed about what they are choosing to put into their bodies and restaurants that want to stay competitive need to begin planning to meet these needs by allowing for increased transparency.

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