[Study] Small Business Resolutions Focus on Revenue and Efficiency


New year’s resolutions aren’t just for personal goals. A new study from Constant Contact revealed that 53% of small business owners make professional resolutions annually, and 23% make them every few years. Of those who’ve made resolutions before, 33% succeeded in fully keeping them, while 65% said they were somewhat successful in keeping them.
Survey participants shared that their top business resolutions for 2014 are focused on growth, efficiency, and customer outreach and service. The breakdown of responses was as follows:

  • 26 percent: Growing annual revenue
  • 18 percent: Running my business more efficiently
  • 16 percent: Getting more customers/clients
  • 10 percent: Creating better planning
  • 10 percent: Trying different marketing tactics, like mobile marketing
  • 8 percent: Creating a better customer/client experience

Additionaly, when asked how their resolutions would differ if money were no object, small business owners said that they would focus on hiring / training more staff members and spending more on overall marketing and advertising campaigns to boost awareness.

Past resolutions that small business owners have kept from previous years include:

  • Spending more time on content marketing
  • Investing more in team building
  • Making better assessments of business needs

For additional survey results, visit the Constant Contact Newsroom to read the full press release.

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