How to Inspire Your Small Business Team


We’ve all worked with colleagues who are less than excited about coming in to work every day. They do the bare minimum they can to get by, take their paycheck, and otherwise don’t spare a thought for the business.
Are blasé employees beyond help? Not at all! With a little inspiration, a worker can go from disengaged to invested in your business.

Here are 5 ways to inspire your team and get them fired up about doing great work:

1. Share Your Mission

A job without a mission is just a way to pay bills. Make sure each of your employees knows what your business stands for and what vision you’re pursuing.

2. Remind Employees Why Their Work Matters

Above and beyond your business’s mission, remind your employees why the work they do matters. Whether it’s manning a cash register or cleaning dishes, every person in a small business has an important role to play that can contribute to the company’s overall success. Make sure everyone knows why their individual role is important.

3. Encourage Creativity and Risk-Taking

A bored employee will naturally lose enthusiasm over time. If you can, try to encourage creativity and risk-taking from your staff. If someone has a new marketing idea, let them try it out. If someone wants to help with artwork for your in-store flyers, give them a shot. Allowing people to explore their strengths and contribute to the business’s success in a new way is a great way to reinvigorate a stagnant work life.

4. Reward Successes

Whether it’s an individual or team accomplishment, take time to celebrate successes when they happen. This will keep people motivated to work their hardest and feel proud of what they’ve already accomplished.

5. Say Thank You

Sometimes, the way to inspire someone is simply to thank them for their contribution.

The Bottom Line

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Reminding your employees why their work matters, giving them the space to try new things, and rewarding achievements are all simple things you can do to cultivate enthusiasm in your employees.

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